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Baran Brothers Method Courses

Easing into Exercise - For super beginners new or returning to exercise. Designed for elderly, obese or those in poor condition.

Baran Brothers' Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks - How to Go from Flabby and Weak to Lean and Strong. For beginners who are new to Baran Brothers, or bodyweight exercises, or aren't in the best of shape yet.

Gymnastic Abs - The first ever program that gives you the powerful, ripped and supremely conditioned abs of a gymnast. For beginners through advanved.

Gymnastic Handstands - Learn how to do freestanding handstands, handstand pushups and handstand walking like a gymnast. Gets you stronger, leaner and more powerful.

Animal Kingdom Conditioning I - Survival of the Fittest! - The revolutionary fitness program that gives you the wild strength, endurance and power of the Animal Kingdom. For the beginner through advanced human.

Animal Kingdom Conditioning II - Call of the Wild! - The next stage in your physical evolutionGets You Animal Lean and Animal Mean. For the advanced human animal.

Wild Animal Fitness for Kids -The amazing fitness program based on movements of wild animals that makes your child stronger, healthier, smarter and more confident.

Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises For Women - Better than Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training and Cardio! Makes you stronger than most men - sexier than most women!

Ejercicios Baran, Ejercicios Femeninos de Peso Corporal - Te hacen más fuerte que la mayoría de los hombres - y ¡más sexy que la mayoría de mujeres!

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