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"The Secrets of Superior Strength and Balance"

Finally! The first ever fitness program that shows you how to get the super strength and balance through gymnastic handstand training...

Eddie Baran handstand
Eddie Baran doing a freestanding handstand,
one of the skills you will learn in this program. Read on...

Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted to gain elite physical mastery of your ENTIRE body from your fingers to your toes, where you're so strong and balanced that you could do a perfect, rock solid handstand then this is your lucky day.

Of all the questions that I get as a fitness coach and author, the most common is, not surprisingly, how to do a freestanding handstand. It's a great question, and it's not surprising because it's a well-known fact that the freestanding handstand is the best upper body exercise you can do. People know that if they can train this type of handstand they have reached a level of physical mastery that few others have. This question I always get stems from the desire to want to do the most important of all physical skills that encompasses strength, conditioning, balance, coordination and artistry. That's why I consider it the most important question I get. And you know what, I have NEVER given an answer, other than to my personal coaching clients.

Until now.

I've never divulged to anyone (other than to personal coaching clients) how to do a perfect gymnastic handstand before because the answer it is not a simple answer; it requires great care and detail in its response. Also, why tell people something I've worked so hard to figure out and understand. But now I'm prepared to tell all. If you've always wanted to do a handstand but didn't know where to start, if you've always wondered what the most effective and powerful upper body exercise ever to do, and if you've always craved the most fun fitness activity then please read on as I tell you all about how handstands will help change your body and you life.

Over the years I learned everything I could about gymnastic handstands from coaches and other gymnasts. When I became a gymnastic coach myself, teaching others further rocket-launched my handstand knowledge. I then spent countless hours on my own reviewing not only these details that no one else was privy but learning on my own the finer points of the handstand. I taught my brother Andy, who started training handstands much later than I, and who never took a gymnastics class. But once he started following my teachings, his strength, balance, conditioning and handstand skills skyrocketed, and now has become addicted to training them.

I have all the knowledge from being a student and a coach of gymnastics. I taught my brother Andy how to do this as well. With this expertise and experience we are going to provide this knowledge with you. We refined the program so it offers the rote beginner to the more skilled athlete the way to do a handstand. We created a step-by-step program that will take you from the absolute beginning - just being able to hold against the wall to a solid freestanding gymnastic handstand.

Elite Body Training Through Handstand Training

And that's where you come in. I'm guessing you're like most people who want elite body training, training you won't find anywhere else that will get your body and mind supremely tuned. That's why my brother, Andy, and I have come out with a new course on how to train handstands like a gymnast.

We call this program Gymnastic Handstands. When training a handstand like a gymnast you will be building a supremely strong and balanced body, so powerful and conditioned that your entire body will become like steel, every muscle in your body will be connected to each other making your entire body one solid piece of steel.

Now, for the first time ever YOU can train get the benefits of doing a handstand like a gymnast - without ever setting foot in a gymnastic school. We will tell you things that won't hear elsewhere and that we had to figure out ourselves. Yes, much of this is good ol' fashioned gymnastic school handstand training, but even if you were to spend years in a gymnastic school you won't get such a concise and detailed education on handstands that is presented in such an easy and accessible manner.

In Gymnastic Handstands Andy and I are going to teach you what you need in order to build the tools to do a supremely aesthetic and athletic freestanding handstand, handstand walking and handstand pushups.

Training handstands like a gymnast has many benefits that go way beyond doing a cool trick that impresses others. That's just the end result. The benefits you get from this kind of training are huge:
eddie baran handstand Eddie Baran

Why You Need to Train Handstands Like a Gymnast:

Gives muscle and definition to your shoulders, back, chest, arms and forearms.

• Chisels and tightens entire core - abs, obliques and lower back.

Increases muscular strength throughout the entire body - primarily shoulders, back, chest, arms, hands, abs and secondarily legs and feet.

• Increases tendon strength of the hands, wrists and shoulders.

An excellent form of meditation.

• A superior method for improving focus and concentration.

Improvement in all other sports and athletic activities.

• Build supreme coordination with your mind and body.

Fantastic isometric exercise.

• Builds superior balance.

Makes your body like a steel rod from fingers to toes.

• Gives Amazing awareness and body control with all body parts.

Energizes and refreshes your mind and body.

• Clears the mind and oxygenates the brain.

Elevates your mood.

• Gives you a sense of fearlessness that carries over to your daily life.

You will see the world in a new way (literally and figuratively).

• You will have a feeling of being able to accomplish anything, regardless of age.

According to yogis, handstands improve blood pressure and relieve intestinal disorders.

• Impress friends and strangers with a cool skill most people wouldn't dare do.

Addictive workouts. This training is extremely fun to do. It's exercise disguised as playing.

• Gain supreme balance and body awareness.

Pack on lean, sinewy muscle all over your upper body

• Grow younger and more vibrant each time you practice - Reverse the aging process by flipping it upside down.

And much, much more...

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There is nothing like this program on the planet. It's unique and special. Here's what's in your Gymnastic Handstands program:
1. Handstand Structure and Position - Learn the correct body alignment not just for supreme handstand but for a super strong body.

2. Handstand Specific Conditioning Exercises - 7 of the best exercises you can do to build your body handstand-ready and super strong.

3. Expansion of Handstand Basics - Build on your wall handstand skills to prepare yourself for free-standing handstands.

4. Handstand Balance Basics - Learn the basics of balance that will help you in all activities.

5. How to Safely Fall from a Handstand - The safe, secure and easy way to get into a handstand and come out of it without hurting yourself so you can do them anywhere, anytime.

6. Handstand - How to go from the wall to a safe, freestanding handstand anywhere. Make it super strong, powerful and awesome looking. Then make your body super strong, powerful and awesome looking.

7. Handstand Walking - Walking on your hands is one of the best and most fun exercises you can do is walk on your hands and we'll show you how - forward, backward and sideways - anywhere!

8. Handstand Pushups - Doing a freestanding handstand pushup (without a wall) is one of the ultimate in upper body strength builders and we'll show you how starting from the beginning.

9. Handstand Training Schedules and Workouts - We map out a schedule of short workouts so you'll know exactly what to do in order to get to the elite level.
The course consists of progressions from beginner to advanced. We'll take you step-by-step from the wall to a perfect, freestanding handstand, handstand walking and handstand pushups. But remember that by just doing this course (whether it takes you 2 weeks or 2 years to master a handstand) will benefit you tremendously from day one, and it gets better each time you train.

The biggest benefit of training gymnastic handstands is in the training to get to be able to do a handstand, not in the actual handstand itself. It is the means, not the end, that is so important; the journey, not the goal. It is said that the biggest benefit to becoming a millionaire was not the million dollars you make but rather what making a million dollars makes you - what you become is the real reward because the training makes you something spectacular. And the same is true with handstand training. The benefit isn't so much that you'll be able to do some cool stuff and impress people, but mostly what it makes you along the way. These benefits you get from day one. It might take you two weeks to learn to do a perfect handstand or two years. Regardless, what your body becomes - or more importantly, what YOU become - along the way is going to be your biggest benefit.

The total amount for the entire Gymnastic Handstands program - which includes the course manual and two DVD's, with beginner through advanced workout programs, is only $149.00 + S&H.

Click the order button below NOW to get started.


Eddie Baran

P.S. This program is NOT for the general public, not for the weak-at-heart, not for the quitter. It's for real men and women wanting to be part of an elite group with supreme physical and mental attributes and are ready to train like they'e never trained before. If you this type of person, can already do a handstand against the wall and you're very serious about mastering your body, then you're ready to get started.

P.P.S. Remember, we'll take you step-by-step from the wall to the Hall (of handstand fame) in only a few minutes a day. Start NOW by clicking the order button below (but only if you qualify).

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FAQ about Gymnastic Handstands

Q: Who is this program for?
A: Anyone, any age or level; man, woman or child. As long as you are in good physical condition and you can hold yourself in a handstand position against the wall then you're ready for this program. This program is for that fitness enthusiast who is ready to be an elite athlete who can do something very few people in the world can do. It's an ideal program to improve your yoga, martial arts and everything else that requires super strength, balance and body control.

Q: How long will it take to be able to do a handstand?
A: It all depends on your current physical condition and your dedication. It might be 2 days or 2 years to get there. Either way, you will reap the rewards from this type of training immediately, and we give you the information to quickly learn how to do it.

Q: Do I have to have a background in gymnastics?
A: No, absolutely not. Anyone can learn how to do a gymnastic handstand without ever setting foot in a gymnastics class. All you need to be able to do is a handstand against a wall and you're ready for the next step.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?
A: No, there is no special equipment needed at all.

Q: Where can I do this program?
A: You can do this program at home, work, school, outdoors, indoors, at the gym, at the park - anywhere! Anywhere that allows you to fully extend your arms while standing and gives you some room to kick up. This is the great thing about handstand training - it can be done anywhere you want and anytime you want.

Q: How long are the workouts?
A: Workouts can be as short as a few minutes to as long as you want. And since you can do this program anywhere you can break the workouts up into tiny portions throughout the day.

Q: Who is this program NOT for?
A: This program is not for people who are in poor physical condition or who have serious medical conditions. It is not for people who want a "magic pill" and expect to immediately do a handstand without putting in their dues. It's not for people who are afraid of hardcore exercise. This is not for people who are lazy, unmotivated, quitters or get discouraged easily. This is not for the person looking for pretty packaging.

Q: How is this program different from your Secret Power of Handstand Training?
A: This program is the next step after Secret Power of Handstand Training, which is the best course for handstand training on a wall ever made. This new course gets you off the wall so you will balance on your own thereby developing super physical powers.

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