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Gymnastic Abs

The first ever program that gives you the powerful, ripped and supremely conditioned abs of a gymnast...

Dear Friend,

Do you know the real secrets to getting the strongest body? Most athletes don't, even the top martial artists and grapplers don't know. But gymnasts do!

The answer is in how a gymnast trains his core. No athlete has a tougher, more powerful core than a gymnast. Having abs of a gymnast means being a stronger, more complete and better athlete. Now YOU can have these gymnastic abs yourself.

Before I get into why every serious athlete should train his abs like a gymnast, let me first tell you a little about myself.

My name is Eddie Baran and I thought I had strong abs, even though I hated training them. I was a lifelong weight trainer. I started like most skinny kids by doing the standard bodybuilding training trying to get big like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although I developed some size I found out that I was pretty weak. Those big bloated muscles were pretty useless.
Eddie Baran Eddie Baran, author of Gymnastic Abs

This realization made me switch over to powerlifting. I did get stronger but not in a real functional way. I then graduated to Olympic weightlifting and soon found more of functional strength I was seeking. But little did I know that it still wasn't enough. I soon found out that I was lacking in real functional strength and conditioning.

I had hurt my neck lifting weights read how Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning strengthened injured necks. I bought the book and in no time my nek was healed and stronger than ever. I was so impressed that I tried the rest of the book, which was all on bodyweight exercises. I was blown away at how hard they were and how weak and out-of-shape I was. This was a major wake up call.

I knew I had stumbled onto something; these bodyweight exercises were going to lead me to the path of super strength and conditioning. I was such a believer that shortly after, in 2001, I started studying gymnastics for the first time at the age of 35. And it was here where I discovered the real secrets to super strength.

Within a few years, my gymnastics coach saw that I had a great understanding of strength and conditioning and asked me to help him coach the competitive and recreational classes, to get them to become the strongest athletes. Coaching gave me a further insider's perspective on what real strength is. I gained extensive experience teaching myself and others to get incredibly functionally strong and conditioned.

The biggest lesson I learned from it all is that the gymnast's core is the most important weapon in his arsenal. More than his shoulders, back or legs. This rule applies to everyone: To become an athlete with the best abs in the world you need to train your abs exactly like a gymnast.

Best of all, you don't have to be a gymnast or want to do the sport to get abs like one; you just need to train your abs like one.

Also, it's important to NEVER go back to training your abs like everyone else is doing. You know, the silly nonsense they show in the muscle comics and pretty boy magazines. Why? read on...

Why Most Ab Training Sucks

I used to HATE training my abs, and so does everyone else. The typical ab training that everyone else is doing sucks. Here's why:
1. Typical ab training feels painful. Nobody minds a little pain but typical core training is always the most unpleasant feeling. It's never that good feeling of muscles working hard, but rather like something wasn't working right.

2. One of the worst parts about typical ab exercises is that they're boring to do. How many reps of a typical abdominal exercise can you do before you want to kill yourself? Take the situp. You could do 100 repetitions but what came after that? 200? 300? Is the only way to get better at an exercise to do more repetitions? If that was the case then who could possibly see himself getting very far; adding more and more reps doesn't appeal to anyone.

3. Worst of all, the typical ab training is ineffective. You might put up with the boredom and pain but you're still not going to get results. I know because I've been there. My clients had been there. You could do everything you're supposed to do but your abs would still be fragile and weak. It's no way to get real world, functional abs.
Is training like a gymnast really different from what everyone else is already doing?

The Strongest Abs in the World

Well, let's look at the facts. It's well known that pound-for-pound a gymnast has the strongest body in the world. And one of the reasons he has such a powerful body is because he trains his abs in a unique and spectacular way; a way that connects the rest of his body with his core so he's a strong single unit like a steel girder. He's not a bunch of muscles loosely connected together. He's like an oak tree, as opposed to a bundle of kindling. Your average Joe in the gym has a weak link and it's usually his abs.

Simply put, strong abs = strong body.

You don't have to take my word for it. Just look at any gymnast, the strength skills he does, how he moves his body, how agile and powerful he is, and you will see that in order to do these he must have the strongest abs in the world.

Every movement a gymnast does, whether it's a basic handstand, an acrobatic flip or a strength skill like an Iron Cross, requires tremendous core strength; he could not do a thing without an extremely strong midsection.

Believe me, gymnastics is not just a bunch of short guys throwing themselves around. It's a sport that requires a tremendous amount of strength and body control, especially in the core. This is real world functional strength at its best!

Compare that with your average pumped up massive bodybuilder with the bloated gargantuan muscles; he'd break into a thousand pieces if he were to attempt even the most basic gymnastic skill. This freak might look powerful but his core is as fragile as tissue paper.

And same goes for the pretty boys who grace the popular men's fitness magazines. Those aren't REAL abs. They might look good but they won't stand up to the test of real abdominal strength.
Eddie Baran Gymnastic Abs
Eddie Baran doing a gymnastic exercise that builds superior overall body awareness, strength, conditioning and balance.

Training your abs like a gymnast is the best way to get them as functionally strong as possible.

The Secret to Killer Abs

So what makes a gymnast's core conditioning so spectacular and effective?

Well, a number of things:
1. The Best Ab Exercises - A gymnast does the exercises that not only enable him to do incredible strength feats but also might end up saving his life. These exercises have to be good otherwise not only won't he be able to do much, he might get seriously injured, or worse.

2. The Best Training Method - It's not only the special exercises but also HOW a gymnast does them. I call this the Way of the Gymnast. A gymnast can take the most basic exercise and turn it into gold. So imagine what happens when you get a great exercise and you do it in a spectacular way!

3. Progressive Goal-oriented Training - The key to gymnastic ab training is progression. You must progress from a simple exercise to a more difficult one. With this goal-oriented training you always have a major goal you work toward with minor goals along the way. This not only ensures you progress in strength but it also keeps you motivated and enthusiastic about working out.

4. Total Body Training - When a gymnast trains his abs he's not just training his abs. He's training his entire body. The exercises you do and how you do them create a connection of all muscles in the body. I have a saying, "if you're not training your entire body when you're training your abs then you're not really training your abs."

Applying the Secrets

I put my twin brother Andy on a program with these four secrets as the basis of his training. He had an extremely weak midsection. When he began he couldn't do much of anything. So his ab workouts were quite short at the start.

But he was seeing results right away, and could tell his abs were getting stronger and leaner. He was progressing steadily with all the exercises. As he went through the program Andy found that he really liked training his core. He said it was actually fun to do.

And of course, as his core got stronger the rest of his body got stronger as well.

Best of all, he could do these exercises anywhere and didn't need any equipment at all.

After a short while on the program he couldn't believe the results. His entire body was stronger than he could have even imagined. Icing on the cake was he now had a six pack, something he never had before, even when he was lean. He just never had ab muscles - ever!

Andy was so thrilled with the results that he told me I've gotta share this program with others. No one trains his abs like this (other than a gymnast). We could finally put out an abs program that actually gave real results. I told him if he'd help collaborate on it I'd do it.
Andy Baran - After pic
Andy Baran after training his abs like a gymnast. Stronger than ever.

So Andy and I have created a program on building a supremely strong and powerful core; a core so strong and conditioned that your entire body will become like steel, every muscle in your body will be connected to each other making your entire body one solid piece of granite.

We call this course simply Gymnastic Abs!

Now, for the first time ever YOU can have the abs of a gymnast - the strongest abs on the planet. This information is what I teach my athletes, my clients and how I trained my brother. Andy has gone through this training and has become an expert in abdominal training himself. And so can you!

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Welcome to Ab School

Consider Gymnastic Abs as your enrollment in abdominal school. Andy and I will take you step by step to earn your degree in Abdominalogy, where you will get the strongest set of abs on the planet.

Just like in school, you might have to start in kindergarten, but the coursework is planned out for you to progress on up through the grades so you can easily and quickly reach your goal: graduating with a steel core.

Training your abs is a lot like learning mathematics. In order to do high-level math like calculus, for example, you've got to start with arithmetic. Then you progress up to more difficult math, like multiplication. Eventually you get to algebra and geometry, and then finally you get to your ultimate goal, which is calculus. Perhaps you're already decent in math so you'd start in the middle of the curriculum. It all depends on the individual.

It's the same with our Gymnastic Abs course.

I can speak from experience. I pretty much had to start from the beginning and build my way up. I didn't start at the most advanced exercises, or even intermediate ones, but at the beginning. My coach wanted to make sure I did everything right, as this is the best way to do anything. A strong foundation is key.

This also makes the journey that much more pleasurable. Instead of dreading doing more reps of an exercise that you've already mastered (e.g. crunches), you'll work towards a big goal by doing mini-goals along the way. This is the only way to get better at something.

And just what is the curriculum for your degree in Abdominal Arts and Sciences?

We've taken the top gymnastics core conditioning exercises. You can consider these like your subjects you need to take in order to graduate. Each "subject" has a series of progressions that take you from the very basic to very advanced. Because every fitness level can be addressed, everyone is welcome to enroll in the school whether you're a complete beginner or an accomplished athlete.

Although this course is centered on your core, it is a course that builds tremendous functional strength and conditioning throughout your entire body, tying it all together with the abdominal muscles as its center.

When you follow Gymnastic Abs, you will transform your body into steel - strong, lean, powerful, resilient. It will help you with all sports and activities. Your core is your center and therefore is most important. You can't have it as a weak link in your body. Your body is protected if its center is steel. And the stronger your core, the better you become at everything.

It will carve your core, narrow your waistline, make you look better and help you lose weight.

You will build supreme body awareness, balance and physical conditioning.

It's the superior abdominal training program:
• Easy to Follow Progressions - These ensure you progress quickly and effortlessly. No gymnast starts out at the top; he's got to create a foundation and build up. That's how he can do so many amazing things. You will do the exact same thing.

• No Equipment Needed - You can do every exercise in your home, in the gym or outside. You don't even need a big exercise ball. All you need is your body and the course. Leave the rest up to us and just follow the instructions to get your killer abs.

• Quick Workouts - Each workout is short in duration. Just do it during your normal workout routine, or whenver you like. These are the most effective and time-efficient exercises out there. Gymnasts have lots of other skills to practice and need the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to conditioning. They need exercises that take the least amount of time and work the best. Not only do they depend on it to do well in the sport but also it could save their lives. Say goodbye to 2,000 rep crunch workouts.

Who is Gymnastic Abs For ?

1. All levels and abilities - Complete couch potatoes to hardcore athlete. Progress from the beginner level through advanced.

2. All Men and women - Win the battle of the bulge and get firmer, sleeker and sexier abs.

3. All ages - from children to middle aged, flatten and tone your stomach and make it stronger than ever.

4. All Athletes - A gymnastic core means improved performance and less risk of injury.

5. All Martial artists, grapplers and other fighters - A stronger core means a better fighter.

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Take a look at what some users of Gymnastic Abs are saying about this revolutionary program:

"Hello Eddie,

You're totally killing MY abs!

I am a martial arts 8th degree Black Belt. I got your Gymnastic Abs program and I love your ab work. I could do almost all the exercises... if I do 3 reps or less!!! They ARE killer!

In a class of ten people in pretty good shape, only two of us had the blend of ab and leg strength to do them. We'll have a good time working up to higher reps, and I expect great things.

Man you've got some great exercises. I've got to tell you the investment is WELL worth it.

I have a Ph.D. in Physical Education but while my degree gives me credibility, I get most of my best stuff commercially from you, Matt Furey and my martial arts. I'm turning 44 this month and I'm in better shape than I've ever been in.

"Thank you for your program and blessings,"

Scot Conway, Ph.D., J.D., 8th degree Black Belt
Guardian Academy
Spring Valley, CA

"Eddie and Andy,

"I have never written back after buying anyone's product. But I have to with you guys. I got your Gymnastic Abs program yesterday. Words can not express how much I loved it. The exercises are great. The DVD's are great. And, the book with pictures along with the programs are so well written and thought out. And, the price is a bargain considering what you get. It is worth every penny.

"I can take your book when I do your exercises and not only read exactly how to do the exercises, but you even have pictures to refresh my memory from your DVD to make sure my form is perfect.

"Again, I can not tell you in words what a great job you and Andy did on this project. I will be buying more from you knowing the quality and information is second to none. I did a workout Saturday night and this morning. And, yes my abs are screaming as I write this and I am starting with your 1st beginner exercises. I look forward to progressing from level 1 to level 12. You could not have put it together better with the end user in mind. You have a breakthrough success.

"I should thank Andy for showing the before and after pictures. That is a strong testimonial. I am in my 40's like Andy and really related to him.

"Thank you,"

Bill Rojas
Miami, FL

"Hey Eddie,

I bought your Gymnastic abs not long ago. I'm doing several of the exercises only three times a week and they definitely work. I'm a life-time drug free powerlifter, and I can bench 500lbs, weighing 190 lbs. Getting strong abs from doing the Gymnastic abs exercises actually help all my lifting improve, not only my benchpress! But, in addition to training with weights I find that supplementing my workouts with bodyweight exercises does work very well when it comes to increasing power.

Keep up the good work,"

Sverre Diesen
Larvik, Norway


I want to say thank you a million times for your wonderful Gymnastic Abs course! I've used it now for over a year and my abs were NEVER this solid, dense and hard before! It's amazing also how much stronger I've got in my Martial Arts training because of it! So thank you for that again. I'm definitely gonna order your other courses - bodyweightexercises at their BEST! I got the Gymnastic Abs program from my parents as a present last year for my birthday because they know I'm obsessed with Abdominal conditioning and they thought that YOUR course would be a nice present! Damn right they were! I LOVE your Gymnastic Abs program! I never enjoyed training my abs as much - EVER.

Thanx again for the 1000th time for enuff solid GOLD information about training in a NATURAL WAY (as mother nature attented us to do)!"

Matti Marzel

"Mr. Baran,

"I got Gymnastic Abs on my birthday and it was a very nice present. I want to compliment you on the program and I'm already seeing results and feeling the differnce in my abs. it's a great program and I highly recommend it to anyone. I just wanted to say thank you for that since it's very special. I hope you're able to get it out to more people because it's a definitely a helluva program."

Stephen Guillot
Metairie, LA


I received the Gymnastic Abs course yesterday, watched the DVDs and skimmed through the manual last night and went to work on it this morning! It is awesome and presents some real challenges even with the seemingly simple basic steps. The thing I really appreciate is the way you explain the finer points of each exercise when performed from a gymnast's point of view. The devil really is in the details. I would recommend everyone gets a copy of this valuable course. Thanks!"

Nigel Stewart
Age 60

"One of my favorite sports to watch is gymnastics. I marvel at what these unique athletes are able to do with their bodies. While I am sure it takes balance, technique, and conditioning to perform the routines, make no mistake about it, the key attribute to their success is raw power, and that power is generated from the core. The mid-section is the facilitator for all movements. This type of power cannot be achieved with a few crunches and stomach flexes. You must adopt a gymnast's approach if want this impressive type of functional strength.

"Functional strength is term that is often over-used, however in this case it is not. With Gymnastic Abs you can actually chart your progress with the ablity to perform the movements. No rep-counting and boring, stale regimens.

"Eddie Baran TRAINS gymnasts so you can bet he knows what he is doing. This is the best core training program I have ever seen. Even at my age I am inspired to be able to perform the most difficult exercise. It may take 6 months but I am determined to do it. You will be inspired in the same manner."

Dave Copeland
Age 59
Westport, NY

"The Gymnastic Abs course is probably one of the most beneficial I've added in. It makes you work the entire body from head to toe and when he adds isometrics in it makes it all that much better. I've been using it for some time now in combination with other systems and this fits perfectly. You'll have a blast with this and trust me using the exercises in combo with other CC exercises will not only make you stronger but leaner and you'll shed more. Since I've added the exercises with other programs i've lost around 12-13 pounds of bodyweight and started showing more muscle.

"I'm very pleased and hooked. Eddie is by far one of the most revolutionary trainers today and it comes to no surprise from his Primate Power course he is a powerful man. I'm a huge fan of gymnastics and as a bodyweight culturist its awesome to do this type of training. Congrats Eddie on your success on this course. Andy, you did a hell of a job as well and I applaud you for taking your training far beyond what you have done previously, congrats to you as well. The course is awesome and I can't wait for your next project."

"Yours in Power & Might,"

Ben Bergman
Santa Cruz, CA


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I like the Gymnastic Abs DVDs. The exercises are challenging, fun, and most importantly, effective.

Thanks much!

Hakeem Ali
Chicago, IL

Hi Mr. Baran.

I recently received Gymnastic Abs, and I have to say that it's amazing. I can see a big difference in my abdominal appearance and strength.

Daniel Feldman
Bronx, NY


I recently bought your Gymnastic Abs. What a tremendous course. I am so excited about the gains I am making and the results. You guys are awesome. Gymnasts are truly the strongest athletes in the world.

Thanks again,

Tony Carlson
Chicago, IL

Great work on the Gymnastic Abs. I'm seeing the difference in 2 short weeks! I'm finding the course brilliant and it shows all the faults my own abdominal programme had. I'm using it with my personal training clients.

Many thanks,

Marc Crowley
S. Wales, UK


I'm writing about your Gymnastic Abs. What a great course! This is the best course I've seen in a long while. You and your brother Andy do a terrific job. Last night I was so excited that I spent an hour doing this material and even my traps are sore today. Awesome! It's terrific. I'm very pleased and have benefited greatly.

Thanks, Eddie, great work!

Bill Hardcastle
Brooklyn, NY

Hey Eddie,

Loving the Gymnastics Abs program so far. I've done the workout three times, and I've already noticed a difference. Getting into the shower, I was surprised to see muscle definition that I don't think I've ever had and I just feel more solid.


Peter Davis
Brookline, MA

"The biggest thing I noticed was that the Gymnastic Abs Course hit your entire body HARD! It hits abs and everything else attached. I am very glad I got the course. It showed me just how out of shape my abdominal full body is. It's very effective.

"It's like I'm not even trying and still getting into shape! I Have been doing Gymnastic Abs for several weeks now exclusively. I get a great workout in little time, get other tasks done as well and will have unreal levels of strength in the future becuase my approach is solid. Thanks for making this incredible course, it has helped me get rid of back pain and I only expect more great results from it."

Michael Goebel
Plymouth, MN

"Gymnastic Abs is a great set of exercises. I was in the doctor's office the other day, lying on the examining table gettting my heart checked. My doctor asked me how my abs got that hard. He said I've got the hardest abs of any his patients. And I'm 59 years young!"

Steve Austin
Age 59
Sanford, NC

"Mr. Baran,

I am so glad I decided to purchase your Gymnastic Abs course. Physically I am very limited. I am 60, am on oxygen, had triple bypass surgery, a pacemaker, emphysema, a paralyzed left diaphragm, diabetes, kidney stones, had abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery six months ago, colon cancer survivor, that might be it.

"I love the course. It has been about 10 days but I am already getting firmer around the middle, even though I am only doing the easiest versions of the three most basic exercises. My overhang belly is not hanging as much, as it is shrinking.

"I enjoy doing these exercises and look forward to doing then each day. I would hate to be doing situps, crunches, etc. They are boring and you can never do enough. But the exercises in your course have worked well for me. I am not worried about how many reps or all the other things I usually think about when exercising, as I am doing just as you have told me in the program and that works.

Thank you for all your help."

Ron Watson
Age 60
Birch Run, MI

I just ordered Gymnastic Abs a couple of weeks and it's simply the greatest routine I've ever done. My abs are firming up like never before and it's having wonderful knock-on effects, such as making handstand push-ups and dips easier.

Many thanks, Eddie!

Sean Ring
London, UK

Hey Eddie,

I started Gymnastic Abs almost a month ago and I'm much impressed with the results that I've been getting. I used to think my abs were already strong, but I had been training my abs like a bodybuilder and not a Gymnast. Now I realize that training the abs needs to incorporate the entire body, because when training the body, one must train the body as a unit not by isolating body parts which leads to imbalances and then injury. I let my buddies try out the workouts and they got smoked! Now I train for function and strength, the ripped and defined look comes as a bonus with the functional strength. Thanks again bro!

Rovi Dan

Hey Eddie,

Getting your Secret Power of Handstand Training and Gymnastic Abs program were one of the best things that I ever did! I've always liked abdominal training, knowing that you need a strong core for supporting a healthy body. I have noticed a big difference in my core strength while only spending a short time on your exercises. Thank you so much for all that you promote in the way of fitness.

Tom Horn
Topeka, KS

Mr. Baran,

I'm from Korea, 25 years old and following your instruction about 'Gymnastic Abs.' First of all, I think it's really good program for great abs, more than anything I've ever seen before. And in Korea, there's no this kind of pragmatic abs training media. Actually, there are only shallow and superficial abs training garbage things around stores and TV, just for 'Good-Looks'. So, I deeply appreciate your program and your effort. If I were living in America, I'd attend your seminar.

Jae-hyun Bae
Seoul, South Korea


I purchased your Gymnastic Abs program and I love it! I believe it is the best ab workout ever, and I have tried a lot of them. I have been an athlete my whole life and have tried every workout/program out there but this is the best of them all.

Matt Harrigan
Queens, NY

Hi Eddie,

I wanted to tell you what a great program Gymnastic Abs is - I love it! Nothing has ever worked my whole midsection this well. I was already in good shape, yet this program took me to a whole new level. I am definitely recommending your excellent product and thanks to you and your bro for turning out a great product.

Ben Mclean
Clermont, FL

Hi Eddie and Andy,

Since buying your Gymnastic Abs program I can feel my body changing and toning up, literally. You have prepared me very well with the appropriate mentality for how this works with your "10 commandments" insert in the package. I get it. It's a progression. No stick-with-it-ness, no progress.

I am really, really enjoying the fact that I know these exercises are good for my back health which candidly had been my #1 concern with crunches and other abs and core strengthening regimens. I tried some core strengthening exercises my oldest son uses, and I nearly got a hernia and I did hurt my back. No exaggeration.

My chiropractor (who is very good at what he does) recommended this program to get rid of the love handles and flab. He said his experience with his patients who used it was that your exercises were 100% consistent with good back health. I cannot tell you how many of my peers/friends have serious back problems and are not even 60 yrs. old yet! I am 59 and it dawned on me a few years ago that just losing weight wasn't going to firm me up with my outsized mid-drift bulge.

I am so glad I found your material. I am certain that if I stick with it (and I definitely will) I am going to have great success in firming up and hardening my core. I am visualizing, anticipating and expecting all the benefits I know this will bring to my life.

Harden Wiedemann
Age 59
Dallas, TX

Dear Eddie,

I just wanted to write and thank you for emails and your programs. Over the years I've done my fair share of circuit training, sports conditioning. My main hobbies were back packing, rock climbing and skiing. I had got a book on Body weight exercises for phenomenal strength--but they were really just a step too far and I could see no way of getting there.

I then recently got your Gymnastic Abs program. I am impressed. Your approach is for every one, not just the elite. You make it actually possible and achievable. Because I'm starting from a reasonable base I'm making gains in some of the exercises quite quickly, but I have some way to go on others- but at least I'm on the way, and I know with perseverance I will reach the goal.

I was also very gratified that they are not "just abs exercises". They are far more "holistic" than meets the eye. After 3 weeks I was seeing improved endurance and power when pulling through over hangs on rock climbs.

You and Matt Furey have opened doors for me that I had only dreamt of in the past. Normally at my age (57), folk expect to lose muscle bulk and strength; but I have never been stronger, and my physique continues to develop. I want to still be doing it at 85.

The sense of well being that comes with this is priceless. I also enjoy your realistic advice in you emails which accepts that we are not perfect, but that we can still make the journey.

THANK YOU for being a part of my life. Gymnastic Abs has made a huge difference to my core strength and I am working on Gymnastic Handstands now.

Best Wishes,

Alistair Montgomery
Age 57
Dundee, Scotland


I've wanted to write a testimonial to you for a while, now I get the chance. I bought Gymnastic Abs a few years ago. I kept with it to a certain degree doing a couple of the intro exercise for 10 minutes or so per day. I never got to the advanced stage because I just didn't need to, but I'm going for it from now. But those basic exercises are quite amazing.

I've spent the last week surfing in Newquay England, and there was some monster surf. It was brutal at times and I'm a complete beginner on a surfboard but come end of week I was the only one left standing. I was incredibly proud of myself, surrounded by South Africans and Ozzies, only the Englishman survived.

My secret - absolutely rock hard abs. You can't get up on a surfboard without real abs, it's the ultimate core exercise as the waves pound you sending your legs one way and your torso the other, you'll wipeout 50 times in an hour. I never realised how strong my abs were. I ended up on the last day at Towan Beach Newquay demonstrating Gymnastic Abs to some top class South African and Ozzie surfers.

And I'm 51 years old dammit! Was a great day, one of the best. Gymnastic Abs is the single most effective exercise course I've ever done and I'm not even half way through it!

Many thanks, Eddie.

Chris Buckle
Age 51
Essex, UK

And here's what just some participants said about experiencing a live Gymnastic Abs training session at a fitness seminar:

Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Asks "May I Have Another?"

"We were told that Eddie Baran was going to 'show' us some exercises for our core. However, we were NOT doing any type of crunch, sit-up or twist, or anything else I have ever seen before. Sometimes we were pretty much just holding certain positions, positions that had us quickly shaking, sweating, breathing deeply and hoping that Eddie would let us relax SOON! What a workout! It was targeted for the midsection but my (and the others) entire body was put to the test. A superior way to tie the entire body together through the midsection. Give me more!"

Keith Hamilton
Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC
Brownsville, TX
Keith Hamilton

Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year Speaks (and Listens)

"Eddie Baran knows abs better than Bo knows all his stuff. I had the opportunity to train under Eddie's direct supervision at Matt Furey's 2007 Secret of Secrets Bootcamp. Along with all the other participants Eddie put me through several ab exercises that I had never seen nor ever would have dreamed up on my own. I can attest to the effectiveness of those exercises myself as you could feel them working immediately. The next day I heard several participants talking about how sore their abs were and how knocked over they were. I too had that feeling in my muscles which confirms an effective workout. All this was just from a few minutes of guided instruction. When Eddie said he was putting out a course on the ab exercises I got very excited about it because now I can get that personal training touch any time I want. And after two sessions I know I'm going to make a big difference in my progress. This is the missing link for ab strengthening. I've been a big fan of Eddie Baran for a long time, and anyone else will be too once he instructs them. When Eddie Baran talks abs I'm listening."

Algie "Roosevelt" Roberson
2007 Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year
Naples, FL
Algie Roberson

Hall of Fame Linebacker Blitzes His Abs

"I first learned Eddie Baran's new ab program in a personal session earlier this year. In the first minutes I was amazed at the pump certain muscles (in my core) received that I never knew existed. For the last year -- due to the extra baggage 'round the ends -- I had been searching for exercises to obliterate my love handles. And Eddie delivered several amazing ones ALL of which made the cut for my current ab routine. As a result of Eddie's ab regimen, new ab muscles are punching through the once undefined distended stomach. I highly recommend his program to anyone wanting to turn your 'Schlitz Tumor' into a six pack of carved granite. Thanks so much Eddie for this one-of-a-kind program."

Vince Palko
2 Time Hall-of-Fame Linebacker
Author, Linebacker Fitness
Sylvania, OH
Vince Palko

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"In February 2007, at the latest installment of Matt Furey's Secret of Secrets Fitness Bootcamp, I had the opportunity to be drilled by Eddie Baran. I cannot remember the last time - before Eddie Baran got a hold of me - that my entire body was quaking, trembling and vibrating from an abdominal workout in such a small span of time. I along with the entire group of attendees at the seminar, sweated and grunted as Eddie demonstrated and then more or less demanded our performance of physical feats that quite honestly I was hard pressed to perform... and I've got a gut of iron! I can only imagine what an entire course is going to do for my body if that short time I committed to at the seminar revved my muscular engines so quickly. What I noticed immediately about Eddie's selection of ab exercises was that they weren't just working that small section of muscle over my intestines, but rather was including the whole body! Arms, legs, chest, lower back and of course every other muscle of the mid section. His exercise regimen helped me pin point weaknesses in my physical being, that I now know can be worked to the fullest potential with the program that Eddie has in store for us. I am awaiting another body transformation when I use his course to its fullest extent. I think Ed's new program is the Bees Knees! He puts together a fantastic product, always! Thank you Eddie Baran."

Thomas "Fierce" Brown
2007 Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year, Runner-Up
Brick, NJ
Thomas Fierce Brown

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If you're serious about getting the most superior core muscles on the planet, so strong and conditioned that it will help you in all areas of life, then you MUST train them like a gymnast.

Here's what's in your Gymnastic Abs program:

1. A course manual explaining the step-by-step progressions of the exercises to guarantee you get strongest in the fastest time. Each exercise has beginning, intermediate and advanced progression so you're assured of success. If you pay close attemtion to the critical details described in the manual and follow them to the letter, you will be stunned at how effective these exercises are. The manual is also loaded with workout routines for all levels so you can put the program into practice.

2. The course also includes an instructional DVD demonstrating the exercises so you can see exactly how to do them - from the beginner, to the intermediate and through the advanced forms. Your form is vital to your success. Make sure you model your technique after ours and you will be set.

3. As an added bonus, we're also including our Gymnastic Abs Ten Commandments. These are the absolute critical rules you need to follow if you want to go to "Ab Heaven." If you break one of these laws then you're at risk of going straight to "Ab Hell." This bonus is priceless but you get it FREE with the course.

The total amount for the entire Gymnastic Abs program - which includes the course manual, two DVD's, beginner through advanced workout programs and the the 10 Ab Commandments is only $67.00 + S&H. Think about it - that's only $0.18 a day for an entire year. Imagine that you can completely transform your body for less than two dimes a day.

It's all up to you, though.

Andy and I want YOU to succeed and get the super strong and ripped abs you deserve, the abs that are ready to emerge from your midsection now. And we know you will. So make sure you click the order button below to get your Gymnastic Abs right NOW.

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Eddie Baran

P.S. This is a REAL program for REAL men and REAL women. It was developed to work specifically for you, regardless of your level. If I can do it, YOU can do it! Unless you want to enroll in a gymnastic class and spend years getting the fine details we're presenting you, then you are out-of-luck for getting the most important ab strength training there is. This program was developed with YOU in mind, whatever fitness level you're presently at to get your abs and body into unworldly shape. Get your hands on this program NOW because time is going to pass and so is your chance for super strong abs.

P.P.S. Please note: this is not a slick, Hollywood production with fancy graphics, pretty sets and sissy music. It is real and gritty, shot exactly how we train, with nothing artificial or elaborate. If you prefer fancy instead of functional, we suggest you NOT get this program and instead rent one of the many glossy "pretty boy" ab DVD's from Netflix or Blockbuster. Our program is strictly for real men and real women who want real strength.

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