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"Wild Animal Fitness
for Kids"

Introducing the amazing new fitness program based on movements of wild animals that makes your child stronger, healthier, smarter and more confident while reversing childhood obesity.

Dear Parent,

Did you know that in the wild young animals start playing as soon as they can? It's for one simple reason: Survival.

A donkey kicking, bear cubs playing, tigers chasing each other or an orangutan hanging, are skills they need to perfect to save their lives in the wild against dangerous predators.

Young animals in the wild, like bears and tigers, learn survival skills by playing.

All animals depend on play to develop strong healthy bodies as well as certain physical skills needed for survival. The human child is no different. Physical activity will help save his life against his predators: deadly diseases like inactivity, diabetes and heart disease.

Kids need to be taught the Way of the Animal - moving in powerful and graceful motions that burn human fat off the body and replace it with lean muscle; movements that develop strength, endurance, coordination and balance, as well as improve mental cognition and increase self-confidence.

My name is Eddie Baran and I'm a fitness coach and author. I spent years as a gymnastics coach, counselor for troubled and abused children, tutor, and facilitator for mentally handicapped kids. In all, I have over a decade of experience helping kids. Whether teaching them mental, physical or social skills, it's all been about their survival in the world.

Using my background with kids and exercise, I've created a new fitness program called Wild Animal Fitness for Kids. It's based on the movements of animals in the wild. Why animals? Because all animal play is based on survival. The animal who doesn't play doesn't survive. Not only that, animals are truly alive in their bodies so theirs are the movements we should model. That's the purpose of this program - training like an animal, moving like an animal and BEING an animal, to help build healthy and happy kids.

Plus, children are fascinated by animals and love to imitate them. So the best way for kids to exercise is to imitate the movement of animals in the wild.

5 Simple Animal Movements can help any child - fit or fat - get into the best physical shape in as little as 5 Minutes a Day!

The program is centered around 5 Simple Animal Movements, which I call the Phenomenal Five, that children can do to get into great shape. Although there are 25 animal movements in the program all you need to do are the Phenomenal Five, which take as little as 5 minutes a day to start with.

Wild Animal Fitness for Kids is designed to get your children back into movement, back to where they belong in their natural state. Animals move in unique and different ways, and by doing just the Phenomenal Five your child will get many benefits: Strength, coordination, motor skills, balance, agility, flexibility, endurance, fat loss.

Your child will build the habit of exercise that will help keep her healthy, happy and more self-confident. If your child is already in excellent physical condition, this will take him far beyond anything else he could possibly do. Adults also will get a lot out of this program, too. I do these exercises in my own workout regimen every single day. With all my experience working with kids I can confidently say that...

Wild Animal Fitness for Kids is the perfect workout for children.

The Top 8 Reasons Why Your Child Will Love
Wild Animal Fitness for Kids:

1. It's Fun. Your child will have a blast. They'll laugh. They'll be entertained. It's more than working out - it's animal play. Your child will reap huge benefits while doing a series a wild and wacky exercises. Getting your child motivated to exercise and keeping him motivated is critical. Most kids don't have the desire or discipline to work out doing boring "human" exercises. But these animal movements are entertaining and there is such variety he'll never be bored. The program is exhilarating and there's so much variety boredom isn't possible

2. It's Easy. No equipment is needed. No special shoes. Nothing to buy. The program helps boys and girls of all levels and abilities.

3. It's Quick. Some workouts are as short as a few minutes. This program doesn't take much time at all. The beginner child can start with as little as five minutes a day. The more advanced child can play for long periods of time or get a great workout in as little as five minutes, depending on the workout. It's super effective so the workouts can be short.

4. It's Effective. It builds strong muscles and hearts, burns fat off the body, gets your child in great shape. Fast. By using her entire body in these animal movements, your child will get what she needs most: a full-body workout to build strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

5. It's Transformative. It takes a child from overweight, weak and lethargic to athletic, strong and energetic.
Eddie Baran hanging with his animal protégés.
6. It's Habit Forming. It builds the exercise habit in them so they feel natural moving; it won't take long before sitting on their duffs all day playing video games will feel as foreign to them as it would to a bear.

7. It's Brain Building. It's a proven fact that exercise improves brain function, and I believe my animal exercises improve the brain even more than traditional exercises. Also, the program has tons of interesting facts and information about all different animals. Not only will your child strengthen his body but also his mind. This program is an educational tool. Each exercise contains amazing and intriguing facts about each animal. This is designed to stimulate interest in the animal as well as to get the child into "character" when it comes time to play the animal.

8. It's Family Friendly. It's for the entire family or classroom - brothers, sisters, mom and dad. Classmates and teachers. You can work out with your kids and reap the benefits yourself. And if your'e wondering if the exercises will have same effects on you, then the answer is YES. Studies show that families who exercise together are healthier than those who don't.

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Double the Fun - Double the Fat Loss

Wild Animal Fitness For Kids is more than a work out. It's playtime. It's muscle building, fat burning, heart strengthening, digestion improving, brain boosting enjoyment.

If you're serious about your child becoming fit, happy, and developing exercise habits that are critical to a successful life, then this is the program for you.

Who is Wild Animal Fitness For Kids for?

This program is for any child, fit or fat, wanting to get into incredible shape. It's for:
1. Kids of all ages - Although the program is designed for boys and girls ages 5-12, it can be used for any age. In fact teenagers might need it the most even if they think they're too cool for it. Age doesn't matter. Heck, I do this program everyday myself and I'm in my mid-forties.

2. Obese or overweight children - If your child is overweight - even obese - he can still do the program. He'll ease into the exercises in a gentle way to make sure he gets fit and stays that way. Then he'll progress onto the more difficult exercises as his fitness improves.

3. Very athletic kids - Perfect for martial artists, baseball, football, soccer and basketball players, gymnasts or just a super fit kid who wants to get into even better shape. Your child will dominate in her sport after doing these exercises.

4. Average kids - These kids are at a turning point in their development. Help them turn toward fitness and stay that way instead of slacking into inactivity and fatness.

5. Inactive, lethargic or lazy kids - Animal exercise gives lazy kids NATURAL energy. You'll be amazed how much a little will help.

6. High-strung, hyperactive kids - These kids will burn off their energy in a productive activity; any excess energy is put into getting Animalized. Then they'll be able to relax, and so will you!

7. Unmotivated kids - They'll be motivated to exercise because these exercises are disguised as play. A little bit of animal exercise builds motivation in other activities.

8. Underweight children - Too skinny isn't good. For those kids who need to get some muscle on their bones animal exercises are the fastest and healthiest way to go. Forget weightlifting. Get real muscle - get animal muscle!

9. Depressed or angry kids - Nothing better than exercise as a healthy way to lift a child's spirits or channel aggression. Movement works miracles, especially when it's so fun and effective.

10. Undisciplined kids - Many years as a coach, trainer, and counselor have taught me that kids that don't get regular physical activity are one step away from trouble. Physical activity provides discipline, routine, boundaries, and direction.

11. Kids with low self-esteem - Vigorous physical activity and building the body through exercise is one of the best ways to combat feelings of unworthiness. I've seen this as a coach and a counselor, and it's well-documented.

12. Groups of kids - Whether it's a group of your own children, a classroom of kids or an athletic team, this is ideal for them all, regardless of skill level.

School Teacher praises program:

"Thanks for getting my students in shape!"

"Dear Eddie,

"I am a first grade teacher who is using your Animal Fitness program. When I first got it I couldn't wait to get my students started - I knew they'd love it! You have brought great entertainment and fitness to the Physical Education program of my first graders by incorporating movement and drama.

"They love the creativity and the physical activity of moving around like animals. They are moving around like animals in the classroom even when I don't want them to, with the animal sounds as an added bonus (ha ha).

"There are some definite favorite animals in the class, and I see kids doing them just for fun at recess in the field with their friends. I love how they all are active during Physical Education and not standing around waiting for their turn. They are definitely working hard and laughing the whole time they do it so that is good.

"They are using muscles that they never knew they had. At the start they were coming to me the next day after our workouts with sore muscles and not knowing what that feeling was. This is a program that definitely promotes fitness in young children in an entertaining way.

"Thanks for helping to get my students in shape!"

Julia Rosas
Teacher, Grade 1
Vallejo, CA

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The Family that plays together stays together

The old adage is true that the family that plays together stays together. Play is an important social ritual that we have used throughout millennium to create strong family bonds. Think of Wild Animal Fitness For Kids as playing a game with your kids while getting fit in the meantime.

You might not believe this, and kids might not show it, but they want Mom and Dad to show them the way. Kids aren't going to get these valuable skills in school so we've got to do our part to help out. And you know what? Kids actually crave these things, whether they admit it or not.

Although this fitness program is aimed primarily at children, it is an INTERACTIVE program where you and your child will be exercising by playing together. You will get involved as a participant or teacher. This is a program that the entire family can do together to get fit, lose excess fat, get stronger and get in great physical condition.

Father loves the results:

"You've changed my daughter's life and mine!"

"Hey Eddie,

"I'm writing to tell you how much I appreciate your Animal fitness program. It has helped both me and my daughter get in shape and lose weight. You should see how the exercises have gotten my daughter in great shape. Thanks for permanently changing my life. My daughter shares the same feelings and she wants you to know how much fun this program is for kids.

It's great you have a program for children doing the exercises and how you get parents more involved in making their kids active (especially the husky ones who just sit around and play video games all day). Thanks for everything!


Lane Meyers
Columbiana, AL

What's in your fun and fitness filled
Wild Animal Fitness for Kids program:

1) The Animal Exercise Manual - This manual explains all the animal exercises that guarantee your child gets fit and healthy in record time. All your child has to do is learn the basic movement of each animal, and the imitation is the exercise. I also provide graduated progressions so your child will know how to go from beginner to advanced level. There are 25 different animals in the program so your child will never get bored, but you can start him of with the Phenomenal Five animals for just five minutes a day.

2) Jungle Games Playbook - In the manual, there's also a playbook that includes over 40 unique and fun filled activities for your child so you can put the program into practice. These are actually cleverly disguised workouts that are extremely effective, but so much fun that kids don't even realize it's an exercise program. 5 to 15 minutes of playtime is enough to get your child super fit.

3) Easing into Exercise - This section in the manual is perfect if your child is obese, overweight or in poor physical condition. When using this, the child who's out of shape will ease into exercise in a gentle manner that will help her form the exercise habit, lose weight and get fit without pain, injury or sacrifice.

3) Animal Exercise DVD - The program includes an instructional DVD that demonstrates all the animal exercises so you and your child can see exactly how they are done.

4) Jungle Games DVD - I'm also giving you a DVD with a sample of the games in action so you can learn how they are played.

FREE Gift #1: Animal Workout Game - I'm also adding my Animal Workout Game. This is a truly unique and extremely effective way to get in shape fast...all while having a blast! It never gets old or boring.

FREE Gift #2: Healthy Eating for Healthy Children CD - Here I interview top dietician and food researcher Suzanne Dixon, R.D., and ask her point blank all the critically important questions parents need to know about what (and how) to feed their children. This is valued at $50 but you're getting it FREE.

The Wild Animal Fitness for Kids program requires absolutely NO EQUIPMENT! Just like in nature, it's only you and your body. This program works equally well for boys and girls, and, ideally, for the whole family. If Mom and Dad participate, you'll get the same great benefits.

Your investment for the entire Wild Animal Fitness for Kids program, which includes the Animal Exercise Manual, the Jungles Games Playbook, the Easing into Exercise guide, the 2 DVD's, plus the two FREE gifts (the Animal Workout Game and the Healthy Eating for Healthy Children) is only $97.00 (plus S&H). That's about $0.25 a day for an entire year. I'll tell you this much, it's a heck of a lot healthier (and less expensive) than any junk food or video game costs that so many kids indulge in.

Like you, I want your child to be as fit, happy, healthy and successful for the rest of his or her life as possible, and I'm going to help you make this happen. The clock is ticking. Make that investment in your child's future now.

All the Best,

Eddie Baran

P.S. The program is perfect for all children, from obese to athletic superstars, and everyone in between. This will animalize their bodies taking them to a superior level of fitness.

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