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Easing into Exercise

Finally... The new fitness program for those that effortlessly gives lasting health!

Dear Friend,

When I worked out at a gym I'd often watch the personal trainers with their clients. I was always amazed at the cookie-cuttern type approach they'd have.

Every person they'd train - regardless of level or ability - received pretty much the same program. And it was always a gut-wrenching hardcore, tortured beatdown-of-a-workout.

I remember one particular trainer working with a woman who was about 65 years old and 65 lbs overweight. She was just starting her new fitness program. I overheard her say that it was first time she had exercised in decades. Even though she was overweight, in poor shape, and not exaclty a spring chicken, her trainer didn't seem to care.

True to his template training method, he put her on an hour-long torture session, running through every machine and gadget in the place. I thought she was going to drop dead of a heart attack.

To her credit she did the best she could. She kept up with with what the trainer dished out but you could tell she was hurting and not having a good time. It looked like hell.

I only saw her one more time after that. She came in for another beating but this time it did her in. She never came in again, which didn't surprise her at all.

But it wasn't her fault.

I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of the personal trainer. He was more interested in showing off what he knew instead of showing her what she should do according to her level. It's like, "Hey, look at what a great trainer I am. I can run you into the ground. Ain't I special." To him, she was just another client like everyone else. My guess is that she's never returned to fitness ever again, thanks to this maroon trainer.

Unfortunately this is typical of too many people. Even though they're motivated, well-intentioned, and dedicated, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And so yet another person is lost because they were misguided in their quest for health and fitness.

My name is Eddie Baran. I am a fitness author and coach. I've trained all types of people, from young kids to high-level gymnasts to overweight and middle age to senior men and everyone in between. And I can tell you that each person has individual fitness needs. No two people are alike which is why the standard cookie cutter approach that most personal trainers use rarely works. No wonder so many people quit fitness in frustration (and in pain). There's a right way and a wrong way to start an exercise program. 99% of the people out there start it the wrong way, which is why so many people quit fitness.

But what's someone who has poor health or can't move supposed to do? Resign herself to a life of pain and misery because there's no fitness program that can help her?

No. There is a solution.

My brother Andy and I have come put together a new fitness program, a program that our 77-year old mom wanted us to make for her. It's for seniors, obese, couch potatoes, injured and those in poor shape. It's called Easing into Exercise. One of my passions is introducing people to the joy of movement, especially if they've never experienced it before and are in poor shape. Once they see the joy of exercise they will get healthy, young and vibrant. They are born again.

If you or someone you know is in poor shape, elderly or obese, you're going to want to read about...

What Happens When You Start Easing into Exercise:

Lose fat - Movement = weight loss. You don't need to kill yourself on a 10-mile run. Start slowly and gently to lose the fat.

Build muscle - The less you move the more muscles you lose. This not only makes you weaker and older but gives your body that saggy, mushy look. Exercise will reshape your body to a more youthful appearance.

Gain balance - As you age or gain weight, your balance goes. Start improving it today. Never worry about falling and breaking a hip.

Improve coordination - Your motor skills decrease with increasing years. Get them back with these exercises.

Increase stamina and endurance - If you're winded from walking a short distance, we'll get you so you have plenty of stamina and can walk for days.

Build stronger bones - Osteoporosis is a serious problem for the elderly. These exercises will build your bones stronger.

Lower blood pressure - It's a common fact that exercise will lower blood pressure.

Increase energy - Exercise gives you energy.

Become happier - Moving your body just a little bit will increase your mood.

Build a lifelong exericse habit - In a short time you'll start loving exercise and will crave it. This means no will power or effort will be involved in getting fit. It'll be as natural as eating or sleeping.

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Who is This Program For ?

It's perfect for:
1. Elderly - Most people stop moving by the time they hit age 35. By the time someone is 65 her body has suffered from lack of movement. Now's the perfect time to gently introduce exercise and reverse the aging process. It's never too late to start exercising again.

2. Obese - Obese people know they should exercise but they don't know what, when, why or how. They can't do too much or they'll risk injury and burnout. Easing into Exercise is the perfect way to start exercising. Once they've mastered this program, a whole new world of health and fitness will open up.

3. Injured - If you're getting over an injury, these are the perfect exercises to get you back on track. I do them myself when I'm feeling any pain anywhere. I believe in gently getting back into movement to regain my health and strength. Then from there I can go hardcore again.

4. Poor Physical Shape - Whether you've been inactive for years or your entire life, this is the perfect way to start your road to excellent physical condition. Easing yourself into movement ensures your body can build a strong foundation so you'll get in super shape without injury.

If you don't meet any of these criteria, I'm sure you know someone who does and is in desperate need of starting an exercise program. Unfortunately these people most likely don't know how. Sure, every doctor will tell the obese person that he needs to exercise. But how does she go about it? How does the elderly person gently start exercising so they keep the habit? The answer to all these problems is Easing into Exercise.

What are other great things about this program?

NO EQUIPMENT - The only piece of equipment you need is your body.

EXERCISE MOST ANYWHERE - Work out in the fresh air at a park, your back yard, at home, work, school - pretty much anywhere.

NO GYMS - No intimidating out-of-the-way gyms with loud people and bad musc or loud music and bad people.

SHORT WORKOUTS - Start with 5 minutes a day to build the exercise habit and get in shape.

NO TORTURE - No pain allowed. "No pain, no gain" is a crock. If exercising is painful then something is wrong.

NO SACRIFICE - You don't have to completely change your life to change your body. Small, gentle modifications add up to big changes in your health and fitness.
Here's what's in your Easing into Exercise program:

1. A Course manual explaining the most important exercises to do to gently start exercising and building a lifelong habit of fitness. We'll take you and show you how to effortlessly start and continue on your road to super fitness. No torture or pain. The manual is available by immediate download to your computer so you can start now.

2. Sample workouts showing you how to put together a sample program. Now you'll know the what, the how and the when of building an exercise routine that won't leave you beaten, bored or frustrated. This is included in the downloadable manual.

3. Instructional videos demonstrating the exercises so you can see exactly how to do them. Your form is vital to your success. Make sure you model your technique after ours and you will be set. This is also availale by immediate download to your computer.

The total amount for the Easing into Exercise program - which includes the course manual in PDF form and videos is only $27.00. It's only available by immediate download to your computer right now so you can start right away. Click the Add to Cart button below to get started today.

I can't wait for you to start and discover the joys of exercise, or to introduce it to someone else who needs it desperately. Have it today by downloading the program right now.

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Eddie Baran

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