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45-year old Dad reveals...

"How I went from Flabby and Weak to Lean and Strong"

And how YOU can, too!

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Andy Baran. If I can have a little bit of your time, I'd like to tell you how I went

from this: Before         to this: After And how YOU can, too!

I know you're thinking "Not another fat loss fitness program promising you the world." Well, this is hardly just another program. I'll explain in a bit. But before I start telling you my story and about this program, let me first say that I was able to completely transform myself with...

No supplements

• No drugs

No surgery

• No weights

No machines

• No gyms

No crazy sacrificial diets

• No long, torturous, injurious workouts that only discourage you from working out ever again

Let me tell you my story and how I struggled and suffered, but then ultimately triumphed. And you can decide for yourself why this is no ordinary fitness or fat loss program.

I was a lifelong weight trainer starting after I turned 13 years old when I bought Arnold Schwarzenegger's first book. I have always been on a quest to get strong, which I thought meant bodybuilding. I moved on to other forms of weight training like powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting in the hopes that these would get me as strong as possible. My strength gains were okay but nothing to write home about. For the amount of time I spent in the gym my results didn't show it.

To say the least, I was frustrated beyond belief. I wasn't getting strong or muscular enough fast enough. And worst of all, I continued getting flabbier and sloppier.

Getting Older and Flabbier

So much so that by the time I hit my late twenties, I was a certified blubber gut and ready for the scrap heap. Training with weights all my life I had never expected to become old and flabby before I even hit 30! But I was.

Here's me at 29.

I was beyond the point of frustration. Spinning my wheels in the gym, trying every possible weight training program out there, I was ready to throw in the towel for good and quit working out altogether.

The weightlifting didn't do much for my strength, and it did nothing to get me in shape. Coupled with my aging metabolism, I found myself packing on plenty of pounds of pork.
andy age 40Andy Baran at age 29 - a blubbery mess.

This would continue for over a decade until I was almost 41, as you can see in the pictures below:

andy age 40
Andy Baran at age 40 - old, flabby and weak.

A Tale of Two Twins

Compare that with my twin brother Eddie.

I had always been stronger than Eddie. We lifted weights together everyday in the gym. It was just a given that I could always outlift him. By the time we hit 30, we were both getting flabby around the middle and both had identical spare tires.

But when Eddie made the switch to this thing called bodyweight exercises, everything really started to change for him.

I was disappointed and ashamed in him for doing these "wimpy Richard Simmons exercises," as I called them. He was making a grave mistake. Didn't he know that he was going to wither away and get weaker and flabbier?

How's that for the pot belly calling the kettle fat?

Eddie Baran He became so enthralled with bodyweight exercises that he started studying gymnastics - at the age of 35! I'd see Eddie a couple times a year. But what happened to him amazed me. Instead of getting flabbier and weaker as I predicted, he got leaner and stronger.

Me? I continued to weight train and get weaker, flabbier and sloppier.

And of course I continued to get injured. Seems like I'd put out my back at least once a month. Adding insult to injury, my strength gains pretty much stopped. Yet I continued doing what I was doing, hoping for results.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Albert Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, that defined me perfectly: I continued lifting weights hoping to get stronger and leaner but I only got fatter and weaker.

It was more than insanity. It was just plain stupidity.

It would be years later when I finally had had enough of failure.

My twin brother was now much stronger, fitter and leaner than I.

I felt like I had wasted years of my life, in fact, over 6 years of it. I was now over 40 years old and going downhill fast.

Check out this slack-jawed picture of me to the right, looking like I'm ready to give birth.

Not exactly the picture of perfect health and vitality, now is it?

I had been spinning my wheels in the gym for years, a hamster going nowhere fast , just somewhere fat.
Andy flabAndy Baran displaying his beach ball belly.

I needed help urgently!

A Ray of Light

That's when I finally asked Eddie to help me.

The contrast between us was startling. He was in fantastic shape - strong, powerful, functional and lean. I wanted to do whatever he was doing to get that way. Eddie not only was getting skilled as a gymnast but he also became a gymnastics coach. This meant he had extensive experience teaching himself and others to get incredibly and functionally strong and conditioned.

Plus, a nice little side effect of this type of training was getting lean and muscular - In minimal time at any age!

When I began his program he didn't start me with his advanced stuff. I wasn't ready for that. Instead, he put me on his basic bodyweight program. It was gold to me, and I couldn't believe how different these exercises were.

Or how weak and out of shape I really was. I also couldn't believe how fun it was! This didn't seem like working out, it seemed like I was just fooling around.

But I also couldn't believe the results.
Eddie Baran Eddie Baran

Born Again at Age 41

As soon as I began training under his tutelage my body transformed from meek and weak to healthy and lean. And how fast it happened! My middle-age fat just flew off!

Here's me shortly after beginning the program:

Andy Baran age 41
Andy Baran, shortly after beginning the program

And here I am today at age 45. I haven't felt this great since I was a kid and the best is yet to come.

Andy Baran age 45
Andy Baran, today at age 45

Now I'm dedicated to teaching others of all levels, ages and abilities, what Eddie taught me: The best and fastest way for building a strong, lean and healthy body that's functional and fit.

So, both Eddie and I are offering this basic bodyweight program to everyone, the one that took me from flabby, sloppy, weak and old to lean, healthy, strong and young.

We call it the Baran Brothers' Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks

It's a long, tongue twister but the name says it all. This is the exercise program that whipped me into shape at the age of 40. It's the program that Eddie starts with all his personal coaching clients.

It's the first step in The Baran Brothers Method for excellent physical development.

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Who is This Program For ?

It's perfect for:
1. Men and women like I was, or just starting out with bodyweight exercises.

2. Someone with that middle age spread and wants to get in super shape.

3. Any age - whether you're under 20 or over 60 - because NOW is the best time to be born again into a brand new super body.

4. Anyone who does not have any Baran Brothers programs and is unfamiliar with our training methods.
It doesn't matter what shape you're in, how old you are, what your background is because these exercises are for everyone. Also, when you train like we do, and how we'll show you, it's way quicker than doing a piecemeal workout that every typical person does.

Look, I love working out but I don't have much time on my hands. I'm 45 years old, I have a full-time job outside of being a fitness author, I have a wife and two small children at home that keep me very busy.

So my time is limited and I don't have the luxury of working out whenever I want, or for however long I want. Because of my hectic schedule and super busy life, I usually have to work out in little snippets here and there.

I simply don't have time to train a long period of time. And I really don't have time to waste using an ineffective exercise method. What's the point? I did that for decades.

To that I say ¡No más!

And that's the beauty of the Baran Brothers Method and our Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks program. You can split it up and do it wherever and whenever you'd like, whenever you have the time.

What are some other freagin' awesome things
about this program?

NO EQUIPMENT - The only piece of equipment you need is your body.

EXERCISE MOST ANYWHERE - Work out in the fresh air at a park, your back yard, at home, work, school - most anywhere.

NO GYMS - No more stuffy, gross gyms with loud people and bad musc or loud music and bad people. (Unless you like them you can do the program there)

SHORT WORKOUTS - start with 5-20 minutes a day. No need to torture yourself for 3 hours straight.

NO LONG CARDIO - You will not be jogging for hours at a tim but you'll get your heart and lungs in the best shape possible!

And one of the greatest things about the program...

It's FUN! - You'll finally look forward to your workouts. They're more like play than working out, though you'll look like you've put in long hours of hard work!

And best of all the program does really works!

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Who this program is NOT for:

• It's not for people who are lazy and don't want to put in the effort. Sorry, but there is no magic pill.

• If you are not committed to really change yourself please don't order it.

• If you're not willing to really try the program please don't bother. It's not worth any of our time. By really trying it I mean putting in at least a solid month of working out and correct eating.
The Baran Brothers' Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks is for people who want something different, to get started on the bodyweight path. To follow the path I took to lose at least 40 lbs. (I never actually weighed myself at my heaviest so it could be even more than that). From this foundation, you can move on to our other supreme Baran Brothers programs. But start here and move on up.

What's in Your Program?

Here's what's in your Baran Brothers' Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks program:

1. A course manual explaining the beginner through advanced step-by-step progressions of the exercises. This guarantees you get strongest and leanest in the fastest time, and can advance from one exercise to the next.

2. Workouts - Putting it all together. The manual is also loaded with workout routines for all levels so you can put the program into practice. No guessing. Just follow along.

3. Instructional DVD. The course also includes an instructional DVD demonstrating the exercises so you can see exactly how to do them. Your form is vital to your success. Make sure you model your technique after ours and you will be set.

The total amount for the entire Baran Brothers' Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks program - which includes the course manual, DVD, beginner through advanced workout programs, is only $47.00 + S&H.

It's all up to you, though.

I know YOU will succeed and get the super strong and lean body you deserve, your true body that's underneath. Consider it a done deal if you click the Add to Cart button below to get your Baran Brothers' Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks right NOW. Don't delay any longer like I did. I wasted decades when the answer was right there in front of me.

Click the Add to Cart button below to get started.

Andy Baran signature
Andy Baran

P.S. Once you start our program we want you to keep in touch and tell us how you're doing. Our absolute favorite part of doing these fitness programs is hearing how successful you are. I can' t wait to be with you all the way, helping you succeed and getting the lean and strong body that's rightfully yours.

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