Makes You Strong as an Ape

Calling someone an ape is a big insult. But I consider it a compliment. They’re the animal most like us, they’re smart, they have societies, they use tools.

But one way they differ is they have super strength.

For example, they once tested a 135-pnd chimpanzee  deadlifting half a ton Рwith one arm! An orangutan is so strong he can destroy a crocodile with his hands. A 500-lb gorilla can easily scale a wall using just the cracks to climb up.

So how do apes get so strong? Sure, an ape has certain leverage and physiological advantages in his structure that he was born with. It’s his nature.

But it’s also his nurture. The movements he does in the wild contribute to his awesome strength of his muscles and tendons. If an ape wasn’t forced to move in awkward ways he wouldn’t be nearly as strong. He’s forced to move this way for survival.

Humans, on the other hand, aren’t forced to move in any way – other than in our cars when we go through the drive-thru at a fast “food” restaurant. Or when using the TV remote control with our opposable thumbs.

But what if humans were to move like apes? Mimic their movements, imitate the motions in the wild, ape the apes. Well, then they’d build tremendous bodies. Your muscles and tendons will grow stronger than any possible way, your body will start looking ape-like: lean, sinewy, muscular.

Sure, no human can get as strong as an ape, but when you do ape exercises you’ll be tons stronger than the average human. That’s a fact.

That’s why we’ve included a number of ape exercises in our ape-tastic programs Animal Kingdom Conditioning I and Animal Kingdom Conditioning II.

No fitness course is complete unless it builds ape functionality.

All the best,

Eddie Baran

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