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Eddie Baran Bio

Eddie Baran's specialty is showing people of all ages and abilities unique, effective and fun ways to become much better athletes. He has been involved in fitness for almost thirty years. Growing up in San Diego, California, he was your classic skinny weakling but always had an interest in strength and exercise. As a young boy, tired of getting sand kicked in his face, Baran sent away for the Charles Atlas muscle building course and thus began his strength training. He then dabbled in lifting weights for a brief period then stopped. In his late teens, Baran rediscovered fitness as an endurance athlete, becoming a road cyclist typically logging in three to four hour rides each day. Eddie Baran Eddie Baran
He later resumed weight training, doing bodybuilding routines. Being this was the mid 1980's, the age of big hair and big muscles, Baran hopped onto the bodybuilding bandwagon with reckless abandon and dived into weight training hoping to put some meat on his bones.

For the next decade, Baran continued on his bodybuilding quest, bulking up from a lean 155 pounds to a puffy, pumped-up, supplement-bloated 215 pounds. Although big, Baran was hardly strong and definitely not a conditioned athlete.

Realizing he was all fluff and no substance, and that bodybuilding was not about functional strength, Baran began training in Power Lifting, which eventually led him to the Olympic-style weightlifting. He admired the explosive real world strength, the timing and coordination, and the athleticism of this type of training.

In 1999 Baran met Matt Furey who further coached him in the Olympic Lifts. Furey's nononsense approach to teaching was just what Baran needed to dramatically improve his lifting. Baran went on to compete in Olympic style weightlifting, but he hungered for more conditioned based strength routines.

Impressed with Matt Furey's real world expertise of functional strength, Baran was the first ones to begin training with Furey's Combat Conditioning and to this day continues study under the instruction of Furey. Making tremendous gains in strength and conditioning, so excited about how effectively bodyweight exercises built functional strength and conditioning that in 2001, at the age of 35, he decided to start training in gymnastics.

Along with Matt Furey, Baran co-authored The Secret Power of Handstand Training and The Primate Power Super Strength System, as well as contributed his expertise in Furey's Gama Fitness course.

Baran continues to this day to study gymnastics. His gymnastics coach was impressed with his understanding of gymnastic fitness that he asked Baran to help him coach the sport, specializing in strength and conditioning for recreational and competitive gymnasts ranging in ages 8-18.

In 2006, Baran developed a training program, Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women specifically designed to give women an athletic and aesthetic body. Along with his twin brother Andy, he co-wrote the hugely popular Gymnastic Abs program which teaches adults of all levels how to get the strong and lean abs of a gymnast. He also coauthored with Andy the unique Animal Kingdom Conditioning which models movements after various animals in the wild, and Gymnastic Handstands, an advanced handstand training program.

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