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It's a fight for Survival of the Fittest ...


Introducing: The revolutionary fitness program that gives you the wild strength, endurance and power of the Animal Kingdom.

Become three times as strong as the average man.

Dear Friend,

As a society we are mesmerized by the power of animals. But the POWER of ANIMALS doesn't need to be exaggerated. Let me give you some vivid examples along with some frank talk about the difference between the so-called man of today and the wild animals. How does a wild animal's fitness compare to modern man?

Take the tiger, for example. A tiger's incredible strength is almost mythical. It's been said that if a tiger has been killed by a bullet its tendons in its legs are so strong that it will still remain standing. And don't think a tiger is only about strength. It also has incredible endurance and durability. He has to in order to cover his domain, an area that can be over 100 square miles.
tiger The tiger - strength, endurance and agility.

An Embarrassment to Mother Nature

Now contrast the tiger's fitness with the average man of today. What I'm about to say ain't nice but it has to be said, it's time to face the music. If you're the type of man who takes pride in himself, then read on.

The average man's body in this country is an absolute embarrassment. Mother Nature has got to be ashamed. The average man is a flabby, frail mess of a joke, a complete and utter mockery of a physical sham. The average man is feeble, fat and functionless. The only time he ever moves his engorged, slovenly body is when he shoves another slice of pizza down his throat, scratches his ass or belches out the national anthem.

Go to your average shopping mall, grab some wood and count the number of fit people you see. You'll be lucky if you count 10 men who are in halfway decent shape, even if you sit there all day.

Kill a Predator with a Single Kick

Let's compare this average man with another animal. In case you think the tiger stands alone, let me tell you about the kangaroo. This great animal is considered to have some of the most powerful legs of any animal in the world - so powerful, in fact, that it can kill a predator with one kick!

If you think you can box a kangaroo and win you're in for a deadly surprise. If a 'roo were to really fight a man, it would kill him and rip him to shreds in one swift kick. That is truly some dangerous power.

The average man, on the other hand, can only kill time. He plops his lard ass on his sweat-stained couch, watches 8 hours of idiot TV, and gets softer and slushier by the minute; stuffs his face with donuts, soda and potato chips, inhaling every last crumb as if he needed it to breathe.

Kangaroos aren't just strong but fast and explosive. They can reach a top speed of over 38 miles per hour and have been known to jump 44 feet in a single hop.
kangaroo The kangaroo - strongest and deadliest legs in the wild.

Strength and Speed in Water and on Land

alligator The Alligator - strong and fast on land and water. The alligator is a true beast. Don't let those alligator wrestlers fool you. A gator in the wild would rip a man to shreds without batting an eye. This is one amazing athlete, whether it's on land or in the water.

Alligators are not just big, lumbering dinosaur relics. Although they're built for the water they're also incredibly fast on land. They are very fast sprinters reaching up to 20 mph when chasing prey, a position the average man doesn't want to be in.

Unlike the gator, the average man won't run after his dinner. That's why he invented the drive-thru.

Why a Real Man Wants Animal Strength and Conditioning

A real man wants to be strong and vital, completely alive and powerful, like he's king of the jungle. He wants to return to nature. Man, after all, is an animal. Physically, that's what he truly yearns to be again - King of the Jungle.

Within each man is the primal urge to be animal-like, to use his body the way the animals do. It's in man's blood. It's an instinct that has been smothered in us by our society and culture. Buried deep within that doughy, gooey outside there exists a powerful, vibrant wild animal inside.

It's not the fault of modern man that they've physcially become nothing. Without knowing it you've swallowed the garbage philosophy that it's uncivilized and unhuman to be strong, powerful and superbly conditioned. Keep in mind that those who spread these lies are they themselves the furthest thing from being civilized. You've been sold a bill of goods and it's time to return them.

You need to shed these blankets of frailty, weakness and wispiness to reveal the glory of your inner animal, to become the real man who moved his body like he once did in his animal past.

The Most Powerful Beings on the Planet

The real man inherently knows that there is no other being that is better conditioned than the wild animal.

There's a reason why animals are so strong. Sure, evolution and adaptation - survival of the fittest - have created the perfect strength creature, but there's something else. From the moment a baby animal is born, he is learning to fend for himself; he spends his entire lives developing the strength and agility needed for survival.

He is always handling his own bodyweight in difficult and awkward positions. You could say that the animals are the original practitioners of bodyweight exercises. Isn't it only natural that we should want to return to these roots? The only way to get back to our real nature is by doing exercises that mimic what they do in their natural habitat.

Real Men Develop Superior Strength by Training Like Animals

There is no substitute for moving like an animal and doing animal exercises just like they do in the jungle. If you think you can get animal strength from the bench press or the barbell curl, you're sadly mistaken. These are unnatural exercises for which we have no biological basis for doing. But we do for moving like animals. You see, within our DNA is programmed the genetic urge to develop our bodies like an animal.

A tiger, kangaroo or alligator, for example, moves his body in nature in unstable and unpredictable surroundings. Because of this, these animals function like nature intended: powerfully and gracefully.

Animals and Real Men Don't Have Fake Bloated Muscles

The bloated bodybuilder of today, with his puffy counterfeit muscles, might be able to bench and curl a good amount, but ask him to move and be agile like a wild animal and he'll fail miserably.

I've never seen a non-human animal use weights or machines to build their great strength. I've seen some big dumb freak bodybuilders use them in the gym, but not a real animal in the wild. Nope, animals and real men move their bodies through space, they don't sit on their butts, especially when they exercise.

Why do we admire gymnasts with complete awe? Because they're the most like the wild animals: confident, powerful and can swing with utter fearlessness and ease. How did they get this way? The answer is simple. They started by mastering their own bodyweight, just like wild animals do. It wasn't weight training - they wouldn't even waste their time with such nonsense.

From Bleak to Beast

My name is Eddie Baran and I, for one, did waste a lot of time lifting weights, thinking I possessed real strength. When it came to weights, I did it all in some twenty years - bodybuilding, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, you name it. I always thought I was on the right track to gaining super strength and conditioning until one day I found out the hard way that all my muscles were phony.

Let me tell you about my first wakeup call.

A while back my grandmother was sick with emphysema. One afternoon my mom and I had taken her to the doctor. When we got back to her home she was too weak to walk up the stairs to her apartment. I told her I'd carry her up the stairs. After all, it was only five steps up and I was a big 220-lb weight trainer so I figured this would be a cake walk. Boy was I in for a surprise.

I bent over, grabbed her in my arms and picked her up. I was shocked at how heavy she was. What's going on here?! She weighs a ton! This cannot be! I thought "no problem, I can still handle it."

I stumbled a bit and walked toward the steps. The first step took a lot out of me as I was already huffing and puffing. But I still had four more to go. "Uh-oh, I think I'm in trouble," I thought. I forged on up the rest of the stairs using every ounce of energy and strength I could muster. I was getting more and more light-headed and dizzy with each passing step. As I finished the last step and got to the top, I felt myself on the verge of passing out. I placed my grandmother down on her feet as I grabbed onto the railing to catch myself. If there had been one more step I would have surely blacked out and fainted, bringing my grandma down with me in the fall.

I was completely fried. Every muscle ached like never before, I was gasping for breath and feeling sick to my stomach. After a while I regained my composure and wherewithal. I asked my mom how much granny weighed, expecting an answer like 200 lbs. I was stunned to hear her response - "about 140." I could curl much more than that with a barbell yet I couldn't carry that amount. Something is terribly wrong here.

That day forced me to reexamine my training methods, as it was becoming apparent that bodybuilding wasn't giving me the functional real-world strength that I craved.

The final nail in the coffin for my weight lifting was when I was introduced to bodyweight exercises. After getting Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning I was in for a rude awakening. I could barely handle any of these basic movements. How could I not be strong? I can lift my bodyweight over my head but couldn't handle my own body. I was floored.

From then on I devoted myself to bodyweight calisthenics. I was so impressed with my strength gains and overall physical conditioning that, at the age of 35, I started studying gymnastics, the pinnacle of bodyweight exercises. After more than four years of training in gymnastics, and one year of coaching, I've furthered my understanding of strength and movement.

From my gymnastics experience as a coach and athlete, I was able to understand a whole different level of strength and power. I felt more and more like I was developing into a wild animal doing these exercises. This coupled with the fact that I kept hearing stories of how powerful wild animals were made me take notice of their strength.

I was fascinated. From then on, I went on a quest to find out the hidden secrets of animal strength and conditioning and how I could acquire it. It was the next logical step in my strength training.

I researched the movement patterns of wild animals; I studied their behavior and anatomy; I trained the way they moved, adapting and improvising where necessary to get the results I wanted. And the results were better than I could have imagined, and they happened fast:

I dropped more fat from my frame, my forearms grew in size and strength, my abs solidified in unique ways, my grip became like a vise, my muscles became more sinewy, my entire body developed into a more complete and efficient unit, and best of all I was functioning more like an ape. To find the ultimate in strength training, I had to wander the desert for 20 years to reach the promised land - the jungle.

How to Win the Survival of the Fittest

Truth is you'll never get as strong, fast or conditioned as a wild animal no matter how hard you train, but you can easily be three times as fit as the average man. If you're not already that fit, then you're doing something terribly wrong. You're not doing the right things in the right way.

Think you can't be three times stronger, faster and fitter than the average man? You can be. In fact, you need to be in order to have a good life where you have reached your physical peak, not a shell of it. Now picture for one minute how strong YOU could be if you were to train the same way as an animal?

To get you there, my twin brother Andy Baran and I have designed a course called Animal Kingdom Conditioning - Survival of the Fittest. The sole purpose of this system is to give you animal fitness. This program will give you true animal strength and conditioning no matter what your present level is. This is your opportunity to possess a functional power no one else has. A power which at times will make you feel invincible.

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Not your Typical Course

There has NEVER been a course like this ever before modeling so many different animals in such depth and detail. This is not a rehash of anything else you've ever seen. A few of the exercises you may think you know but not how we teach them - nothing like you've been taught before. Andy and I use our unique methodology on training you to get strong in the fastest way. The divine is in the details. Most of the exercises you have not seen before, they're that unique. In fact, this entire program is. Never before has anyone presented such a revolutionary and effective program that was actually patterned after wild animals.

This course will transform the average male - a feeble, flimsy and fragile flabbster, a lily-livered lackluster loser, a wishy-washy wimpy weakling, a puny and powerless pansy pissant - into a robust rugged real man.

Take a look at what some of the users of Animal Kingdom Conditioning are saying about this revolutionary program:

Hey guys!

I've been doing Animal Kingdom Conditioning for 3 weeks now and have lost 10 pounds already, even though and I take medication which causes obesity as a side effect!

I used to lift weights, run 10-12 miles a day and I still gained 30 pounds of fat due to medication! I thought there was no getting away from these fattening side effects. I felt as if there was no hope until I came across your ad in a magazine. Then I read your website over and over and wondered if this was the answer. So I saved for 3 months and bought your entire set.

My body's muscles have started reconstructing themselves and taking the shape of a gorilla as opposed to a bodybuilder and I feel incredible! just like an animal! This would have never happened if it wasn't for your program. It was truely inspired.

David Tyler Harmon
San Antonio, TX

P.S. My eight year old daughter trains everyday with Animal Kingdom Conditioning and she is DOMINATING her martial arts class because of it. I'll soon send you a picture of her abs, arms and legs. It will blow your freaking minds!!!

I got Animal Kingdom Conditioning 4 days ago and have been doing the workouts. They are a workout for sure and I love doing them.They are fun and they work.

I will say that a major workout program i've done that works its the p90x, BUT Animal Kingdom Conditioning works just as well if not better. I get just as good of a workout and its more fun and your program is more affordable. So far 4 days in i've gained solid muscle.

Thank you guys and i will continue to buys your workout programs.

James Wilson
Phoeniz, AZ

Hi there Eddie.

Just wanted to drop a few words of appreciation here. As I promised you before that I would get the Animal Kingdom Conditioning program after the amazing results I've gotten from Gymnastic Abs. And boy, am I glad I did.

Just like your Gymnastic Abs program, my body's functionality and strength skyrocketed through the roof with the Animal Kingdom Conditioning program! And I didn't even do the exercises seriously yet, just playing around and having fun with them ( By the way, this is in fact one of the program's unique features, that is, having fun while doing them)

And if you asked me now whether these programs could help improve or even surpass my current skill levels, I would confidently and proudly answer "YES!!". I feel that I can even do new moves or moves I haven't mastered yet even more easily than ever ... busting out all my previous moves with ease and grace.

When I did a handstand. The moment I placed my two hands on the floor and started kicking my feet up in the air, what followed next was truly magical! I felt as light as feather when I kicked my feet up, and when they were up there, my whole body automatically positioned and realigned itself making my handstand firm, stable and strong! I really felt strong as steel! Never before I felt such sensation whenever I did the handstand. The feelings were almost indescribable!

I did the moenda for the first time, a very difficult move in Capoeira that I couldn't do at all in the beginning. I surprised myself when I started doing it. I pulled it off with ease!! I mean I really, really nailed it good! Man! I never even practiced or did any special preparation, drills or whatsoever for this move. But yet, here I was doing it like I had been doing it all the time!

Before using your programs, I clearly remember how difficult I had to push myself going through even the most basic skills in Capoeira when I first started out as I didn't understand how important a strong core and a functional body are to this type of sport (which is very similar to gymnastics). Yes, I was muscular and felt fit at that time from all the weight training and cardios I did over the years, but when I started training in Capoeira, I realized that all the muscles couldn't deliver what I needed to excel in the sport.

It seemed that the muscles I had on my frame made it even more difficult for me to practice the skills. The 'heaviness' and that 'locked feeling' just seemed to want me to stay on the ground and keep me there. Obviously, I blamed on gravity. As you know, this sort of sport requires you to move gracefully as a jungle cat, strongly as a bear and flow lightly and smoothly as the river water. And I couldn't do all that because by the way my body worked at that time made doing the skills all unbearable!

They have been nothing but a great assistance and help to my training, strength and overall health. Thank you so much for coming up with such an efficient and effective fitness invention.

Eddie, what I can tell you now is that I really can't wait to come to my capoeira training again, and see what else my body is capable of doing that I don't know it can do. But one thing for sure, I know all these new abilities I discovered in myself are directly attributed to my training in both your Animal Kingdom and Gymnastic Abs programs. They are the super fitness training combo! I truly believe that if anyone is dead serious about taking their skills in any sports to a whole new level, then they must consider incorporating these two programs in their training for maximum peak performance.

Keep up the good work and all the best to you guys.

Your Partner in Training,

Jeffery Maharip
Brunei Darussalam


I love Animal Kingdom Conditioning. I went to a park and tried some of the workouts as best I could and just did enough to get a great workout. This is one awesome course! This was probably one of the toughest workouts I have ever put myself through, and that's saying something since I have done some hardcore workouts. This definitely gave me something to look at not only for fun but conditioning everything in a short amount of time.

In the week since I've had AKC I've been sleeping better, I've been less irritated about certain things and I feel more relaxed than I have in a while. I'm feeling the animal within almost all the time. I do a little to more of the exercises this entire time and the Dice Game has been put in my brain! I'm loving it! It's a lot of fun and I know I'm working every part of my body just from moving a few steps in each exercise.

This is not a course to be underestimated. You and Andy did an awesome job with this. I already feel like a powerful animal so that's one thing I will never lose sight of. You really got something here and it's just flat out unbelieveable. You have done well and I'll tell ya this, without thinking twice, not one other workout has made me sweat and worn out quicker than AKC and I mean this with every sincerity. I'm very proud to be an animal and it really brings out a side of me I never knew existed. I'm honored to be apart of this and its something I will always cherish because Physical Culture is my life and this just puts more icing on the cake.

"Big Ben" Bergman,
Santa Cruz, CA


WOW! what a awesome feeling! The Animal Kingdom Conditioning course is magnificent stuff man!!! Thanks for putting together such a great product!!! i always say give credit where it is warranted and the new course is beautiful man!

i haven't had a bad nor boring workout from your course yet man! My mind and body thank you for sharpening them up with this gem. we're going to implement Animal Kingdom Conditioning into my schools (martial arts) program we have more kids than adults. they are going to love it! i will be introducing the curriculum to the school very soon. I appreciate all the inspiration!

Now gotta run and bust out an animal dice game!

Nick Kalloniatis
Statesboro, GA


Just a couple days ago I got your Animal Kingdom Conditioning course. At the park my friend and I play the dice game (awesome idea, by the way) and it was a blast. Probably 15-20 minutes of going back and forth. I don't know what was worse, getting out of breath from all the various animal leg exercises or frying the upper body with certain other animal exercises. No, the worst had to be the 20 straight of this one animal we had to do.

A change of pace from what I've been doing but definately an awesome workout. Not to mention tons of people staring at us wondering what the hell we were doing. But that just adds to the fun.

Logan Christopher
2008 Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year

Hey Eddie,

I recently got your Animal Kingdon Conditioning course and it is one amazing course. I've always looked at animals as role models for how strong and graceful they were but there's never really been a course modeled completely after them. Now that I have yours my strength in every aspect has skyrocketed.


Wyatt Webster
Alberta, Canada

Hi Eddie,

I am a chiropractor in Anchorage, Alaska. I have your Animal Kingdom Conditioning. It rocks! I/we are thrilled with our results. The Animal workouts kick ass!

Thanks for your programs,

Peter Ryan, DC
Anchorage, AK

Dear Sir,

Thanks for really getting me back on track to feeling in my 20s again. I'm 42 now. The Animal Kingdom Conditioning is a smoker for me, even doing the Basic levels of mammal and reptile. I love it. From all of my time in the Marine Corps infantry and the Army infantry, the only time we did anything like the Animal exercises was at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. The strength in my shoulders is coming back, and I didn't realize I was so weak. The Animal strength helps a great deal. My peers think I'm nuts, but I can't do the regular gym workouts due to the years of heavy powerlifting and the infantry. The bodyweight workouts definitely help increase functional strength much more effectively and efficiently than free weights. You and Matt Furey are definitely onto something awesome!

Again, many thanks!

SSG Ed Crowley
Army National Guard

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The Evolution of Modern Man

It's time for today's man to evolve backwards... back to his real self. In Animal Kingdom Conditioning - Survival of the Fittest we'll show you how to go from a soft slob to a fierce beast. Just consider this an essential initiation into manhood. It's OK, some men need to go back to Man School. And the way you do that is by learning from the ANIMALS. Young animals are taught how to survive in the wild. If they have to learn this then you can too.

This course has exercises and routines for anyone at every level, from complete beginner to advanced expert. With 23 types of different animals, there are endless ways to train to become the king of the jungle. And it never gets boring. It's not even like working out. It's more like playing than anything else. But the results you get are very real.

The exercises in Animal Kingdom Conditioning give you an animalized body, developing the entire back - upper, middle and lower - as well as building superior shoulders, triceps and biceps, not to mention making your core like granite. Your legs - quadriceps, hamstrings and calves will become explosively powerful and conditioned. These exercises do wonders for your heart and lungs, giving you anaerobic and aerobic conditioning second to none. These animal exercises will pack slabs of muscle on your entire body.

There are also 30 workout routines from beginner through advanced so you'll never be at a loss or confused about how to train. In fact, these are so fun to do that it's not even like working out. But the benefits are incredible: strength, power, speed, explosiveness, endrance, conditioning, flexibility and agility like you've never had before.

Animal Kingdom Conditioning Transforms You into a Powerful Human

By following this program you will reap many benefits and rewards. Take a look at what this course has to offer you:
  • Get the lean, muscular and sinewy body of a fierce animal.

  • Exercises that will help you build the greatest strength in the shortest amount of time.

  • How to get the best leg and lung workout in two short minutes.

  • The animal way of getting powerful and muscular shoulders.

  • Workout routines that were taken straight from the jungle, and are fun and effective to do.

  • How to get tough-as-nails tendons and ligaments of an animal - strong muscles aren't really strong if you've got weak connective tissue.

  • How to develop the explosiveness of nature's most amazing jumpers.

  • How to beat the aging process - why the older you get the more important it is to do animal training.

  • The animal exercises bodybuilders wish they could do to build huge back, shoulder and arm muscles but are too weak and afraid to even try.

  • How to move with the grace and ease of a wild cat regardless of how big you are.

  • How to elongate and straighten your spine, improve your posture, and maybe add an inch or two of height.

  • Lose your belly fat - the only animals that have weak and flabby guts are humans.

  • Gain confidence over yourself and your surroundings.

  • The animal exercises that build lean and rock hard abs that pop out of your stomach.

  • How to dramatically increase your energy to the levels of a predator on the attack.

  • How to get animalized legs that are highly explosive and dangerously powerful.

  • Movements that simultaneously build strength and conditioning in the lower AND upper body.

  • How to build cardiovascular and muscular endurance with the least amount of effort.

  • Learn from the best in the entire Animal Kingdom - Mammals, Reptiles, Birds and other animal classes.

  • And much more...

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Learning to move like ferocious animals will give you a thrilling and exhilarating feeling of accomplishment, confidence and pride, and will help you to overcome fear and anxiety. Think about this:

If you don't do just a little bit of Animal Kingdom Conditoning training on a regular basis, then you lack the ability to gain dominion over yourself and your environment. There's no other way to get that raw animal power where you can move your body through your surroundings with such ease and have such control over your own body. You're not going to get it from a gym, that's for sure.

Animal Kingdom Conditoning can take any pantywaist, nancy-boy, fancy lad or dandy and turn him into a real man. I realize that there are sissies out there who'd rather stay a wuss. This course ain't for them; they'd do best to stay as far away from this program as possible.

If, on the other hand, you wish to acquire the strength, the power and the might of the animals, then this is the course for you. And the best part of Animal Kingdom Conditoning is how simple it is. All you need are a few of the exercises done a few minutes each day to get great results. For variety and health, and for reaching superior levels of athletic prowess, we're showing you giving you 23 different animal exercises, each of which is separated into beginning, intermediate and advanced movements. You can supplement your current workout routine with these Animal exercises or train exclusively with it.

Animal Kingdom Conditoning - Survival of the Fittest includes a course manual explaining all the exercises in detail. Each exercise is organized with our unique Baran system of progressions. Starting from the basic movement, Andy and I show you exactly how to go from a complete beginner with no athletic ability to an advanced level. This ensures that everyone can do this program no matter what your level, background or ability. We show you clear progressions on how you can go from meek to magnificent.

We have also included two instructional DVDs with the exercises and progressions clearly demonstrated to show you how to train.

And don't forget the Animal Kingdom Conditoning manual of Wild Workouts included in the program. Each of the workouts use the animal exercises featured in the course so you know exactly how to train.

As an added bonus, we're also going to give you our special Animal Workout Game. This is a truly unique, effective and fun way to get strong fast.

This course requires NO EQUIPMENT. Just like an animal in nature, it's only YOU and YOUR BODY.

The total amount for the entire Animal Kingdom Conditoning - Survival of the Fittest program - which includes the course manual, two DVDs, the wild workout programs and the Animal Workout Game - is only $127.00 (plus S&H), a mere pittance to reclaim your manhood. Think about it. That's less than $0.35 a day for an entire year, less than the price of a Coke and bag of blubber-inducing chips.

Both Andy and I want YOU to succeed and become the real MAN that nature intended you to be, the real man that is already within you fighting like hell to re-emerge. So make sure to click the order button below to start your re-evolution right now.


Eddie Baran

P.S. Let me repeat this critically important point: This is revolutionary and effective program that was actually patterned after wild animals. It will train you for the survival of the fittest. Best of all, this program is FUN, and not even like working out. Think of it as a game you do that takes only a few minutes each day. If you're straddling the fence of indecision in the least - get off it. It's fight or flight. Be BOLD - like a TIGER. Take LIFE into your own hands and make something of yourself. Or ... just sit on the couch munching away, getting fatter, more miserable and weaker by the moment. The choice is yours. I know what I'd do if I were you. What about you?

P.P.S. If you're a woman reading this and feel left out, my apologies. You're welcome to become a powerful Animal, as the system will work for you too.

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