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Gets You Animal Lean and Animal Mean...

The NEW Hardcore, Advanced Animal Fitness Program that gets your body even Animal Tougher.

Introducing the next stage in your physical evolution:
Animal Kingdom Conditioning II

The mighty puma - fast, explosive and powerful

Dear Friend,

Years ago when I started animal training I was amazed at the transformation my body went through - fat flew off my body, lean, sinewy muscle packed on, and my strength and conditioning reached heights I never imagined possible. It was as if I were shedding my human skin and transforming into a wild animal.

I became such a believer in animal exercises that in 2008 my brother, Andy, and I released the revolutionary fitness program Animal Kingdom Conditioning. Multitudes of animal devotees have benefitted from that program so much that they've been crying out for more - more animals, more hardcore, more wild. We've heard this call of the wild and have heeded its message.

Now the Baran Brothers have come out with the long-awaited sequel to our revolutionary Animal Kingdom Conditioning program: Animal Kingdom Conditioning II - Call of the Wild. More animal exercises to get you stronger, faster and healthier.

In this program we've cranked up the intensity quite a bit from the previous Animal program. It's more advanced so it's even more effective in building a supremely athletic and extremely animalistic body.

From the dynamite-like explosiveness of the puma to the crushing strength of the orangutan, Animal Kingdom Conditioning II delivers.

The supreme orangutan - crushing strength

The 8 top reasons why Animal Kingdom Conditioning II turns you into a supreme physical specimen:

1. Survival - Animals train for their survival. It's their instinct and natural behavior. Being strong and healthy is paramount for their survival because a weak and fat animal is slow and won't be able to catch his food; or worse he'll become someone else's. The human animal is no different. Too much fat is dangerous and will kill a human from deadly predators like diabetes, heart disease and a slew of other chronic conditions. Animal Kingdom Conditioning II gets you strong, lean, resilient and healthy.

2. The most muscular movements - Animals are so much stronger, powerful, graceful, agile, balanced, coordinated, flexible, and conditioned than humans are that it's not even close. So of course that's whom we need to emulate. Their movements are the exercises we must model if we want to build muscle and burn fat. These compound movements use multiple limbs and joints. The more muscle you use, the more muscle you build and the more fat you burn. There is no animal muscle developed in isolation. Can you imagine a gorilla lying on a bench press or doing bicep curls? No, he climbs, he walks on all fours. All of his muscles are being used in whatever he does.

3. Unique movements - Training like an animal is much different than how most humans train. Every possible angle and movement in the animal exercise repertoire has variety that is endless. This is not sitting on your butt doing a pec deck workout. This is putting your body in positions it has never experienced before.

4. Endless variety - With AKCII there is an endless variety of movements. This keeps your mind and your body from getting bored. When your mind gets bored you won't want to exercise. When your body gets bored you'll stop progressing; you'll adapt and your muscles won't respond anymore. It's impossible to adapt to all the varieties of animal exercises. This'll keep your mind and body guessing, continually trying to adapt yet never doing so. This keeps the workouts fresh and exciting and your muscles always fighting for stability, just like a wild animal in his natural environs.

5. Short workouts - It doesn't take much time to do these animal exercises. Animal workouts are so intense and functional that your workouts will be shorter. You get much more bang for your buck. No need to spend hours in a gym when a short 20-minute animal workout will do all you need.

6. Fast results - These animal exercises are so effective that they work very fast Your results will come much, much quicker than with typical "human" training because the movements are unique and compound so your body will use more muscle to do them.

7. HGH Generator - these compound movements not only build muscle and burn fat but they are great at naturally generating lots of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), your body's youth hormone that makes you healthier, younger, leaner and more muscular. This hormone is critical in getting you leaner and more muscular. Animal exercises load you up with lots of HGH.

8. Fun - Animal Kingdom Conditioning II is very fun to do. It's not even like you're working out; it's more like play. Like animals in the wild, in order to learn certain skills they play with other animals. In essence this is exactly what you will be doing with animal exercises. It adds great variety to your workouts. Some people don't like doing workouts with a certain structured plan of sets and repetitions. They'd rather go out there and move for distance or for time. Training for repetitions, time or distance is all valid and important, and training like an animal comprises all three ways. The more fun the exercise is the more you're going to stick with it and see the benefits. One reason why gym training is ineffective is because it's so boring. Doing a leg extension machine, for example, is not only a poor excuse for an exercise but it's dull and boring. No wonder most people quit going to gyms within three months of starting.

You'll not only strengthen your muscles but also your tendons, lungs and heart;

You'll sleep better and your energy will increase.

You'll Increase your flexibility and suppleness.

And these exercises will actually improve brain function. Research has shown that exercises that get you breathing hard improve your brain, and nothing can get you breathing harder than moving like an animal.

Take a look at just some of what you'll get from
Animal Kingdom Conditioning II

The shortest and easiest way to lose human fat and gain animal muscle.

• An exercise that apes do to get their super strength.

3 brute ways to simultaneously build shoulder strength & flexibility.

• The animal way to balance the body that's critical for upper body power - gymnasts rely on this exercise or risk injruy.

The jungle movements the bodybuilders wish they knew (but could never do) in order to build round, muscular shoulders and traps.

• How to build a bone-crushing ape grip.

How to build savage shoulder strength that'll put all other shoulder exercises to shame.

• 2 attacking animal motions that make you fast and dangerous.

Why animal movements are for all ages and actually make you younger.

• 15 seconds of this animal ferocity that'll leave you completely wasted but begging for more.

The jungle way to real back strength that they don't teach humans.

• The Animal way to surge your Human Growth Hormone that no human movement can compare.

4 ferocious animal exercises that shrink your gut and build both upper and lower body muscle in just a few minutes a day.

• This animal exercise carves your abs into chiseled armor. Warning: not for the flimsy.

How to ge that sinewy jungle muscle that only in a few short workouts that gym goers only wish they could get.

• The big cat exercise that builds vicious explosiveness - in your upper body!

And much more...

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Animal Kingdom Conditoning II - Call of the Wild includes a course manual explaining all the exercises in detail. Although this is an advanced program rest assured it still has the Baran Brothers system of progressions. Each animal exercises has a beginning, intermediate and advanced stage so you know exactly what you should do to ensure success as rapidly as possible. We not only want you to succeed but we know you will. Starting from the basic movement, Andy and I show you exactly how to do the beginner variation to an advanced level.

We've also included an instructional DVD with the exercises and progressions clearly demonstrated so you know how to move.

And don't forget the Wild Workouts section included in the manual. Each of the workouts use the animal exercises featured in the course so you know exactly how to train.

The total amount for the entire program is only $67.00 (plus S&H). This is a mere pittance to take your body to the next level of physical dominance. To be king of your domain. Click the order button below to get started right away.

By saying "YES" to being an animal you will soon begin the next phase of your exciting journey into the wild world of animal strength, fitness and conditioning. You will be reborn into the animal kingdom and will continue your amazing journey into being a fierce athlete. You can look forward to new and exciting physical prowess. Say goodbye to your old human self and hello to your new animal self.

All the best,

Eddie Baran

P.S. This is for the serious animal athlete only. Be prepared for your next level of evolution by saying "YES" by clicking the order button below:

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